Premier stationery brand offers thought provoking and heartfelt new pieces to express encouragement and support for those experiencing peaks and valleys in life.

NEW YORK, NY, December 11, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — She’s Got Papers, your source for eye-catching paper goods boasting witty, smart, fun, and uplifting designs, has released a new collection of life affirming and inspirational cards that help consumers connect heart to heart and soul to soul with those they know and love.

Appropriately titled “Until You Live It”, the collection features 14 stunning note cards emblazoned with beautifully bright, hand drawn designs, printed on 130lb natural white paper. She’s Got Papers takes the consumer from the height of personal achievement to the challenging lows that inevitably come in every person’s life but one can and does overcome.

“The timing felt right to do this collection”, says Tanea Smith, the Owner and Creative Director of She’s Got Papers. “I can’t tell you how many of my friends, family members and customers have been in the throes of extreme life events. Be it caring for a sick parent, being at a crossroads in business or crossing the finish line with a degree after going back to school later in life. Whether good, bad or beautiful, life is happening to each and every one of us at one point or another.”

Designs include:

• Hey, Stranger: – The piece to send when you’re checking on your strong friend.
• Sending You Some Love: When you want to let someone know that they’re on your mind
and in your heart.
• I’m So Sorry, Please Forgive Me: 6 little words that can build a bridge, heal a heart and mend a
• Take.Your.Time: A reminder that the world is in a rush, but she need not be.
• Ain’t Nobody Like You. So Do You: Highlighting the power of authenticity.
• You’ve Got The Whole World In Your Hands: Ain’t no magic like Black Girl Magic. Let another
Queen know that I see you and I celebrate you.
• You Did That, Congratulations!: When she’s hit the mark so hard that it cannot be denied.
• Hang In There Sis, I Got You: Encouraging her to hold on while reassuring her that you’re
there for her.
• The Fight Is Not Yours, But God’s: Giving one the courage to surrender all.
• Nothing Can Block Your Blessings: Affirmation that God is in full control. Always has been,
always will be.
• Joy Cometh In The Morning: Clarification that trouble don’t last always. Brighter days are
• And Still, You Rise: Like a phoenix from the ashes, you’re back on your feet.
• Pausing For Peace Of Mind: Taking a break without apology.
• To Thy Saturday Be True: No calls, no text, no talk. Self Care at it’s finest.

“Tanea, I feel like this collection is the soundtrack of my life right now,” said one longtime She’s Got Papers customer.

The collection is priced at $14 for 6 cards/envelopes; $4 for singles and available for purchase at

About She’s Got Papers

Based in New York City, She’s Got Papers was founded by avid journalist and calligrapher Tanea Smith. Infusing inspiration from friends, family and lessons learned through meaningful conversations, Tanea creates uplifting collections where each piece reflects a personal experience, promotes a heartfelt message, and creates a cherished connection with the recipient. For more information, visit

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