Voice-first bluetooth earrings with a swappable module bring day-to-evening glamor to earphones

CHAPPAQUA, NY, July 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — NY-based fashion tech startup, peripherii inc., announced that their tech earrings are now available on crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. These bluetooth® earrings (patents issued & pending) can take and make calls, set a timer, call an Uber, and so on, all via voice commands. They are amongst the first of their kind: wireless earphones in the form of jewelry that harnesses the power of voice assistants, and is as much a style statement as it is a piece of technology.

The two women engineers who founded peripherii were frustrated about the lack of fashionable choices in the wearable tech space, and especially when it came to hearable devices such as smart earbuds and earphones. When Apple decided to get rid of the phone jack on iphones, they realized that the time was exactly right for fashion-forward wireless earphones designed specifically for women. The growing popularity of voice-assistants like Alexa was another driver. The result: smart earrings that bring trendiness to tech. Behind their jewelry front, the earrings cleverly hide a slip-on module that lets a wearer easily swap the fronts to match her mood. This solves the problem of “will this earphone work with my evening dress!” When paired with an LTE watch, the earrings add another level of freedom by allowing the wearer to leave her phone behind.

“If the failure of Google’s much-maligned glasses has taught us anything it’s that consumers will reject great technology if it comes at a high social cost. We, therefore, paid attention to the fashion aspect as much as we did to function,” said Sonal Budhiraja, a co-founder at peripherii, inc.

“Tech reviewers often say that the true test of an earphone is how long you are willing to tolerate it. We know our customers don’t like putting anything inside their ears. With our earrings they don’t have to,” commented Priti Moudgill, also a co-founder at peripherii. “We love to say: lose your earbuds!”

Fashnerd wrote, “peripherii, [is] harnessing the power of whispering notifications.”

Wareable exclaimed, “hearables can look like this!”

ASI Central said, “We could see a smart, sophisticated, tough Bond Girl rocking these earrings.”

The collection on Indiegogo is in silver or 14K gold-plated brass with enamel or Swarovski® crystals. Priced at over 35% off retail they are $25 for non-tech promotional earrings and $186 and up for smart earrings. With a Christmas delivery, peripherii’s earrings are timed to make perfect gifts especially since they are available in several different looks to suit a wide range of fashion sensibilities.

Peripherii is a voice-first, fashion tech company founded by two women engineers who challenged themselves to create intuitive, minimally-invasive tech that could integrate seamlessly into a wearer’s lifestyle and help her live smarter. The result: smart earrings that let women stay connected hands-free, wire-free, screen-free, and that are versatile enough to be worn anywhere from the kitchen to the boardroom to the red-carpet.

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