This book is not about dieting and depriving yourself of a scrumptious, tasty meal; it’s about enjoying natural healthy and easy-to-make homemade, delicious recipes with accessible ingredients and including detailed step-by-step instructions.

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL, October 25, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Whether you are a professional cook or you are clueless in the kitchen, The Ranch House Baking Mix Cookbook can be your greatest resource. This unique cookbook is presented to the reader in Bertha Reese’s own handwritten, pen-and-ink format with recipes dating from the 1920s. In her own precise penmanship, Bertha Reese guides your preparation of meals from breakfast to dinner, including many between meal snacks. There is something for everyone with simple instructions clearly delineated and easy to follow even for the novice.

This collection is the answer to the busy homemaker and career woman who never seems “to have enough time,” for homemade meals and goodies.

With simple easy to follow recipes with step by step instructions, you can make fluffy ranch-style biscuits, tender muffins, waffles, light thin crepes, a variety of cakes and short breads with that wonderful homemade taste, just like the ones country cooks serves to hungry ranch crews, families and friends!

Bertha also included an introductory section for each chapter where she explains the many variations, tools and measurements required for each recipe. She also provides “tricks” for packing, refrigerating, freezing time, heating and reheating to maintain that fresh taste. She makes suggestions for salvaging recipes that go astray and methods for enhancing the presentation of your hard work. Helpful hints such as how to prevent “crumbling” the cake or loaf of bread when cutting it, are included.

Bertha was an amazing woman with an endless wealth of practical solutions!

Bertha D. Reese. “Bea” (May 12, 1920 – Dec 16, 2010) was a graduate of Pacific School for Dental X-Ray Technicians and Assistants in San Francisco, Calif. Bea was a veteran of World War II. She served in the U.S. Navy W.A.V.E.S., Medical/Dental Corps, Sand-point Naval Air Station in Seattle, Wash. She and the dental assistant staff members at the Dispensary Dental Clinic were among the first contingent of W.A.V.E. volunteers to complete basic training at Hunter College in New York City. In commemoration of the occasion, then-first lady Eleanor Roosevelt honored the graduating class with a speech thanking the first contingent of volunteers. An honor that remains in Bea’s legacy.

She first got the passion for cooking as a child from her mom Amelia Toroni. When she left the country for city life as a young adult, to pursue a career in San Francisco, a copy of the family cookbook containing all her favorite recipes was tucked into her luggage before she left. Through the years, the well-used recipe book remained a faithful companion to her.

Bertha never had the opportunity to publish her book. On the last day of her life, at the Good Samaritan nursing home in Arizona, she spoke about the book which she wrote with such an incredible amount of detail in numerous folders, chapter by chapter, from A to Z and all in her clear and well formed handwriting.

The book is printed in two volumes. It is available at

PDF file at

The Ranch House Baking Mix Cook Book. What a great treasure to have at any home!

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