In Paul Stiles Randak’s new book, Recovering the Seed, he explores a landscape where healthy human connection and addiction are opposing forces. Tribalism, prejudice, discrimination, and shame are the tenants fueling addiction in all it forms.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, May 29, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Those struggling with addiction, depression or anxiety often feel hopeless, worthless and disconnected. Recovering the Seed sends a clear message that “We Are Not Broken” and that “We Are Enough,” but we have become disconnected from humanity, community and self. Those in the throws of addiction attempt to navigate through a culture based in the fear of accountability, where projecting our problems onto others is common place. Learning to take accountability for what “I think, feel and do” is an important mantra toward living a sober life of integrity, connectivity and wholeheartedness.

A common view of addiction has focused on the obsessive and compulsive use of drugs and alcohol, but addiction is also the bonding and entanglement with beliefs and behaviors like; sex, work, food, money, religiosity, sugar, gambling, pornography, romantic love, or social media. People often are seeking to change the pain, suffering and doubt they feel. And other times they don’t want to feel anything at all. Recovering the Seed guides the reader on how the forces of confirmation bias, learned helplessness, and the victim narrative create a personal story that perpetuates disconnection. The good news is the power to change one’s beliefs and story is in each of us, and begins with taking personal responsibility for the world we have created. It is time to connect and practice vulnerability to transcend the shame that has kept millions caged in loneliness.

In Recovering the Seed, Paul Stiles Randak, shares his experience and practical solutions so the reader can learn to increase their joy and happiness with the goal of living wholehearted life.

Paul Stiles Randak is a transpersonal therapist that lives the Cottonwood Canyons in Utah. Paul has two decades of experience in the mental health and addiction treatment field and has been developing treatment programs for much of that time. He has an affinity for a holistic approach combining mental, emotional and spiritual practices to restore health and well being. Paul has facilitated eco-psychology retreats and workshops into the deserts of the Southern Utah. Paul is a therapist at Wasatch Recovery in Cottonwood Heights, Utah and has a small private practice where he works with families, couples, individuals and adolescents. Paul’s weekly podcast, Just Another Bozo on the Bus, can be heard on most podcast media platforms.

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