A team of Shepherd certified lice specialist travel to Mexico to help eradicate head lice in home for impoverished children.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, February 28, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — In a continuation of their global outreach program, Katie Shepherd, Founder and CEO of The Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions and her team of certified lice specialist recently returned from a children’s home in Colon, Mexico. Working with the team at Santa María del Mexicano, a children’s home for poor and disadvantaged youth, Katie and her team identified 78 cases of head lice. Through their global outreach services they identify all cases of head lice and then teach local teens and staff how to treat the lice, thus enabling them to maintain a lice free environment in the future.

Katie Shepherd is recognized as one of the world’s leading lice experts, and has led numerous outreaches around the world, including destinations as far away as Cambodia. Outreach programs are staffed by Shepherd Certified lice specialist, and the recent trip to Colon, Mexico included 11 volunteers, each making their own way to the Santa María del Mexicano children’s home from places as diverse as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Minnesota, Washington, Alabama, Florida, Canada and Mexico.

The program is not just about treatment either. “More importantly we teach them how to treat, thus ensuring they have the skills needed to maintain a lice free environment as they move forward” stated Founder and CEO Katie Shepherd. Father Dan, Director of Santa Maria del Mexicano, Colon Mexico was delighted with the outcome, noting that, “We had been looking for different solutions for head lice for the past year or so. Although we were able to make some advances, we were never able to completely eradicate them. Thanks to Katie Shepherd and her team that willingly worked long hours I have a bunch of happy girls now. I can’t thank them enough for all their generous help!”

For members of the team, the most important issue is making a difference that will help places like Santa Maria del Mexicano remain lice free. Amanda Bruns, with The Nitty Nurse, a Shepherd certified specialist from North Dakota explains, “It was wonderful how we were able to get them lice free after all their attempts and also leave them with tools to continue the care.”

Santa María del Mexicano houses some 185 children, 86 of which are girls. Interestingly enough of the 78 cases found 74 of them were found on the girls. As Cathy Baran, owner of Lice Spies in Edmonds, WA, shared “Not only did we treat them, but we empowered them by teaching them how to prevent and maintain their newly found lice-free status. It was such a rewarding experience, on so many levels!” As Shepherd added “The real plus here is that now many of the girls know how to properly treat head lice. Thus they have gained life skills that will open up opportunities for them as they go out into the real world.”

As all agreed there is an uplifting experience in helping others. And as Shepherd said, “Fighting head lice is a worldwide problem. We are just grateful to be part of the solution.”

This is true of the other volunteers as well. Jill Bazos, owner of L!ce Out 911 in Westchester County, NY noted, “Yes we treated and trained, but most importantly, we showed these children that there is good in the world and they are an important part of it. Maybe that is the purpose of lice on this planet.”

The Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions has been at the forefront of global head lice treatment for over 20 years, organizing treatment and outreach programs around the world. In addition, they also pioneered a training and certification program for the education and treatment of head lice. A dedicated lice training center that has certified over 500 companies around the world. The program has proved immensely popular, with students travelling from as far away as South Africa in an effort to benefit from The Shepherd Institute’s training program.

Additional arms of The Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions includes LSRN Research, which has had a hand in testing almost every new louse product in the US market today. Throughout their research initiatives, the organization works closely with pharmaceuticals and universities alike. As a result, Katie is proud to be one of the authors of the Resistance Study “AKA Super Lice research” currently making headlines, thus remaining at the leading edge of the fight against head lice.

You can find more information about The Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions and the important work carried out by Katie Shepherd and her team of certified lice professionals by visiting them on the web at www.shepherdinstitute.com or calling The Shepherd Institute directly at 561-842-9969.

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