VASO has smart sensors to ensure unique add-water-to-start function. The built-in natural sounds are kind of “white noise”, which helps to improve sleeping & creativity. All the functions are designed for easily use, rather than “smart” concept.

SAN JOSE, CA, November 07, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Smart or complicated? Since Amazon “Echo” came out, so many smart home gadgets have sprung up. However, do we really want to or need to learn those complicated Apps (most of which are poorly developed)?

Maybe we should try this simple aroma diffuser – VASO. VASO is smart. It has built-in smart sensors to ensure unique add-water-to-start function. It remembers all your preferences of sound and mist mode. All these functions are designed for friendly user experience, rather than “smart” conception. “We insist to create items for better life, not technology trends,” explained the designer.

The product is launching on soon. See what people say after previewing the project:

“Interesting idea, I would support it!”
– Ralf Kraski (superbacker who has backed 103 projects)

“Looks good, I can’t wait to pledge! Hope I make the $25 level. ;-)”
– Jeffrey Ward(backed 42 projects)

“Looks very promising.”
– Covex (backed 52 projects)

The VASO aroma diffuser combines several important nature features: diffusing, soothing light and natural sounds. Pour in water to active diffusing, light, and sound with smart water sensor. It auto-memorizes all last settings and resumes when every time you start.

The built-in natural sounds are quite interesting. They are not melody music, but kind of “white noise”, which created by a continuum of frequencies equally distributed over the whole hearing range. According to recent scientific research, it can help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night. If you are working on structure a project from scratch and it involves creativity, it also helps. Because the white noise doesn’t distract you from your work(unlike melody music) but mask off other noise from your surroundings.

For simply using, the designer developed a “mist output & water input 2 in 1” tank. You don’t have to detach and install water tank every time. Some worried about the clean process, but the creator explained it would be easily cleaned just like normal diffusers.

Besides function, the appearance design is simple and smooth. It has two color choices: camellia white and tuxedo black. The white one looks like a ceramic vase, while the black one is very sharp.

“The VASO idea comes from ancient oriental culture that promotes ‘harmony between nature and human beings’. It brings natural sounds, smells, colors, and atmosphere into your living space. Even if you aren’t using it as a diffuser, you can still use VASO to bring nature into your space because it is also a vase. You can keep flowers in it. Simple, relaxing. The name VASO comes from Italian, meaning vase, which shows the designer’s respect for traditional Europe crafts.”

The retail price is estimated to be $59. The creator would release limited “super early bird” rewards with price $25 on kickstarter.

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