Customisable Shower Range That’s Leak Free Guaranteed

LONDON, ENGLAND, November 29, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Small changes can make a big difference, which is why it’s so exciting to see the 2019 range of steam showers from Vidalux, the industry leader in hydrotherapy and steam showers and whirlpool baths.

New colours available across their range

Those old enough to remember the 1980s may remember that it was the era of coloured bathroom suites. (Those who aren’t can probably find pictures on social media). These were a major interior trend during that decade, but as the years went by, the people who had bought them had plenty of opportunity to discover just how limiting they could be when the time came to redecorating a bathroom. Given that bathroom appliances tend to be investment pieces, it’s not really a surprise that people soon moved back to white bathroom suites when they came to invest in new ones. At the same time, however, white isn’t the only colour which offers classic style and the ability to fit in with all kinds of decor schemes.

There are other options and Vidalux has now introduced them to its range, making all of its steam showers available in black and mirror glass as well as white. As spokesperson for Vidalux Krish Thomas puts it: “People talk about millennial pink but actually pink was big in the 1980s as was “avocado”, otherwise known as green. I think it was supposed to have a soothing effect on the mind but actually the reality was often very different as home owners found themselves stuck with coloured bathroom suites long after the novelty had worn off, so it’s hardly a surprise that the colour-filled bathroom interiors of the 1980s were ultimately swapped out for white ones later on. Rather ironically, however, we have to say, we think the “all white” look has become rather overdone of late, which is why we’ve made a point of updating our colour options to include black and mirror glass as well as white.”

Wood-effect tray inserts and shower stools are now offered as standard

Krish Thomas says “I think part of the reason why all-white bathrooms are less popular than they used to be is because people increasingly want their homes to look and feel like they’re in tune with nature and while white, of course, exists in nature, you don’t tend to get great expanses of white (except after it’s been snowing of course!). We’ve therefore opted to go for a wood-effect for our new tray inserts and we’ve been using it on our shower stools for a long time now. We started by offering shower stools as an add-on, but so many people wanted them it makes sense for us to include them as standard.”

Showers are getting even bigger and even better

“Up until relatively recently, showers were seen as the poor relations of baths,” comments Krish Thomas, “but over recent years they’ve improved enough to be seen as the equal of baths and now some people are actually starting to see them as being better than baths. For the record, we do love baths and we think they’re still a place for them, especially for whirlpool baths, if you have a bathroom which is big enough to hold them. For most people, however a luxury shower is much more space efficient, even if it’s a large one like our new Selsey Twin and Tempest Twin models, which allow showers and steam to be shared and to become a social experience.

Krish Thomas
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