If hydroxychloroquine can relegate the coronavirus to just being a bad cold, the whole landscape of Covid19 changes.

CARMEL, CA, March 24, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Countries around the world are forced to make an unwinnable decision…all in concert.

Lock up your economies to the tune of a great depression or lose the vulnerable of your population.

Barring the so-called “herd immunity” where roughly 60% of your population has already been exposed, there appeared to be no middle ground.

– Vaccines will likely not be ready for months if not years and viruses have an impressive ability to mutate quickly (hence the rolling flu vaccines year to year).
– Existing medications like remdesivir (HIV med) have more side effects, cost, and hurdles to jump through before relevant

That may be changing with new studies out of the south of France.

A very old and well-tested anti-malarial drug, hydroxychloroquine is displaying impressive results for coronavirus (covid19) as documented in the link here:

https://indigonaturals.net/blogs/news/how-does-hydroxychloroquine-wor … me-changer

Its profile is just short of uncanny for our needs:

– Readily available – Novartis announced it could donate 130 million shortly
– Inexpensive – it’s been around since the 50s and is a generic drug
– Safe – The WHO has it on their highly effective and safe list of essential drugs for a country’s health care system

The effects on Covid19 are really the game-changer here.

In fact, there was original research on SARS before that potential epidemic petered out.

Recent research is pointing to two powerful effects:

– Hydroxychloroquine interferes the viral assembly process within our cell
– Hydroxychloroquine hampers the ability of the virus to gain access to our cells

Get a full review of what research is finding here.

If hydroxychloroquine can relegate the coronavirus to just being a bad cold, the whole landscape of Covid19 changes.

Interestingly, people are having to argue with doctors to get this medication even as respirators fail them in ICU’s.

Learn all about how this medication really works in the body for coronavirus and Covid19.

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