Do you love Pandas? Of course you do, what a ridiculous question to ask. If you do love pandas, then you need to drop whatever it is you’re doing and head on over to right now.

CHENGDU, CHINA, March 23, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Do you love Pandas? Of course you do, what a ridiculous question to ask. If you do love pandas, then you need to drop whatever it is you’re doing and head on over to right now. No really, put down the cup of tea, stop reading that magazine, and go see some of the amazing panda-related gifts and products that they have available for you to buy for very reasonable prices. The giant panda is one of the most amazing creatures in the world, yet it also happens to be one of the most at risk. Giant pandas are notoriously difficult to breed, which is why their population has declined over the years. The good news is that recently, they have been listed as no-longer being critically endangered. This is thanks in part, to the conservation efforts of the good people of Sichuan, which, incidentally, is the home of the company. Here’s a look at why Panda shock is the perfect website for you.

What is panda shock? – Panda shock is a website with its HQ located in the heart of Sichuan, China. It is the number one website in the world, to buy all things panda-related. Whether you want panda clothing, panda memorabilia, keychains, mascot costumes, or anything else for that matter, panda shock has you covered. The site was created by ordinary people with a real love for giant pandas. The people behind the site grew up in Sichuan, with many of them still residing there to this day. This means that they grew up with giant pandas and they still share a physical, and spiritual, home with these amazing creatures. The people behind the site have gone above and beyond what would be expected of people looking to help these wonderful animals. They regularly help out at the countless panda sanctuaries in the region, as well as helping to raise awareness about the importance of helping these animals not to become extinct. Though it is early days yet, they, along with the countless other panda-lovers in the country, have slowly helped the giant panda to gain more than a fighting chance of survival.

What are giant pandas? – Giant pandas are a species of bear native to China, that is considered a Chinese national treasure. As you can imagine, as they are known as giant pandas, they’re certainly not small creatures. Giant pandas can grow up to 6 feet and can weigh more than 300 lbs. This is roughly the same size as a Black Bear. They only live in the wild in three locations – all in China, with Sichuan province being the most popular destination for them by far. Giant pandas have a real taste for bamboo, and when we say that, we really mean it. You see, giant pandas can consume as much as 15kg of bamboo each day. They spend roughly 12 hours a day eating bamboo, and have even evolved so that they can digest, chew, and harvest the bamboo much easier than they could millions of years ago. Giant pandas are generally loners as they are not pack animals, and they will only mate for a select few days out of the year. What’s more, if a giant panda female does indeed fall pregnant, she doesn’t carry litters. She will likely only carry one cub, though some do carry two. Sadly, in the event of a female panda birthing two cubs, only one will likely survive. When reaching 18 months of age, the cub will then be sent off to survive on its own, which again, is where conservation efforts have proved to be so useful.

Sichuan and the giant panda – You’ve probably noticed how we’ve mentioned Sichuan several times already, and there’s a very good reason for this. You see, for millions of years, Sichuan province has been the physical and spiritual home to the giant panda. The Sichuan province is a mountainous region located in South-West China. It provides the perfect climate and habitat for giant pandas, which is why they thrived there centuries ago. It is also why a select few pandas still live in the wild of this region to this very day. Mainly because of human beings it has to be said, over the years, the number of giant pandas living in this region has dropped sharply. Combine this with the fact that giant pandas are so notoriously difficult to breed, and it’s easy to see why they found themselves critically endangered several years ago. We and a number of other wonderful human beings however, decided to step in and help give these amazing animals a fighting chance. Now, in the mountainous regions of Sichuan, you will find a selection of nature reserves and panda sanctuaries, along with breeding centres for the pandas, research facilities, and much more besides. For decades experts have been researching giant pandas, looking to discover as much about them as possible. As you know, the more you know about something, the more you can do to help. Best of all is that the intention isn’t to keep these pandas in captivity, but to strengthen them, build up their health, and eventually release them out into the wild where they belong.

Why shop with Panda Shock? – So, we’ve looked at giant pandas and we’ve looked at where they live. It’s therefore now time for us to look at several reasons why shopping with Panda Shock is the perfect decision for panda-lovers all across the nation. Some of the main reasons to shop with Panda Shock include:

Great for panda fans – Not surprisingly, if you’re a fan of pandas, then Panda Shock is most certainly the site for you. Panda Shock is the home to the largest collection of panda merchandise and panda-related products in the entire world. Literally, if you thought that panda merchandise was hard to come by in the past, just wait until you see what Panda Shock has to offer. You will find everything from panda clothing, to mascot costumes.

Great selection of clothing – Normally, if you’re looking for panda clothing, you may search online and come across the odd website here and there that offers a cheaply made t-shirt with a generic picture of a panda face on the front. Sure, that’s okay, but it’s not very inventive or creative for somebody that truly loves pandas. That’s where Panda Shock comes into the picture. You see, on Panda Shock, you’ll find a selection of some of the most amazing panda clothing the world. There are panda hoodies where you can literally dress as a panda and keep warm and snug in the process. There are panda shorts, panda bikinis, panda jumpers and sweat shirts, and much more besides. For those of you that love to dress as a panda, this website is literally a dream come true.

Other panda memorabilia – If panda clothing isn’t for you, or if you simply want to expand your ever-growing collection of panda memorabilia, then you’re in luck, because panda shock has so much more to offer you. There are panda backpacks for example, which you can take to work, to school, or simply with you on days out or when hiking in the wilderness. There are panda pens, pencils, stationary sets, and pencil cases which you can again use creatively if you wish, plus much more besides. If you’ve nowhere to keep your keys then you could pick up a panda keychain, which is far too cute for us to describe. Basically, when it comes to panda merchandise, has pretty much everything you could ever want as a panda fan, and plenty more besides.

Different uses for your products – One of the main reasons why people have been so impressed with panda shock, is that the site offers you so many different uses for the products that you purchase. Panda clothing is obviously self-explanatory, but what about the other items available? Take plush panda bear dolls for example. These dolls can be given to young children, adults can use them if they wish, or they can simply sit on your shelf as decoration. Panda stationary is another very useful product because you can use it for work, or you can purchase it for your children to use at school. With pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pencil cases, notepads, paper, and much more on top of that, it’s no wonder why people are going crazy for panda shock.

Panda costumes and other mascots – Finally, if you really want to end on a grand finale, then just wait for this. On, you will find a vast collection of life-sized panda costumes and mascot costumes, which you can wear. You can wear them for fancy dress, because you simply want some fun, or you can even use them to help promote your business. There’s everything from giant panda mascot costumes to giant cow costumes, and plenty more besides. Head on over to Panda Shock and you’ll see exactly what we mean. is your go-to website for all things panda-related. On our site you will find interesting facts about pandas, info about where they live, statistics and factoids, and much more besides. As mentioned, the founder of Panda Shock actually originates from Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan Province, which also happens to be the panda capital of the world. We have all seen pandas in the wild and it is our intention to help you fall in love with these amazing creatures, in the same ways that we did. Giant pandas, and many other species of panda for that matter, are considered endangered, so it is our responsibility to act now and to help these wonderful animals before they are gone forever.

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