Women Rejoice and Celebrate a FREE New Mobile App that Amplifies Women’s Voices

BOCA RATON, FL, April 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Three sisters and their mother, Rebecca, Leah, Hannah and Corin Wiser, have just announced the April 18 launch of Womaze – a mobile app that amplifies women’s voices and creates the space for them to feel informed, supported and empowered. The free app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. The Womaze app enables women to discover the most empowering female-focused content from all around the web. In addition to offering inspiring content, Womaze provides a platform for women to share their own stories, art and wisdom directly to the app. Womaze stands out for its innovative and revolutionary new way of bringing women together.

“We believe we were put on this earth to bring Womaze to life,” says Rebecca Wiser, Co-Founder of Womaze. This past January, Rebecca and Leah both took a leave of absence from The George Washington University to work full-time on the Womaze app.

“It’s our life’s purpose to share women’s voices and to offer a space that fosters their greatness and unlimited potential. And now is the time. During the past year, more and more women have been sharing their stories of resilience, and those stories are changing our world. The power of storytelling is infinite,” says Leah Wiser, Co-Founder of Womaze. In addition to featuring art, wisdom and practical tools for life, Womaze also highlights important conversations that can create monumental change.

There is no shortage of enriching, educational and exciting content available on the web, but the online and social media experience for many women has not always been a positive one. Womaze offers a safe, inclusive and authentic space for women to feel empowered, supported and understood. “Women are multidimensional, and so is the content on Womaze,” says Hannah Wiser, Co-Founder of Womaze.

Beyond the mobile app, Womaze is building a vibrant and active community on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Through its four primary functions — Search, Discover, Save and Share – Womaze users can search for content that is specifically geared toward how they are feeling; discover new forms of inspiration; save their favorites to a personal toolbox; and share content with others. Featured channels include content about body image, mental health, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, life advice, women at work and much more.

“Our goal is for women to become part of a global sisterhood when they download the app. Womaze is an inclusive, supportive space where women feel a strong sense of belonging,” says Corin Wiser, Co-Founder of Womaze.

Womaze is a hub for women who want to discover the most empowering female-focused content from all around the web and share their own stories, art, and wisdom. Womaze is changing the conversation, definition and future of what it means to be an amazing woman. It’s more than an app. It’s a movement. For additional information, visit Womaze.com and follow @womazeapp on Instagram and Facebook.

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