With savings up to 30% and double-digit growth, GPO’s aim to be the norm just a few years out.

CALIFORNIA, June 02, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Apparently, $30+ Billion (and growing) in purchasing power carries some weight.

The major food suppliers are taking notice and pricing accordingly.

We’re seeing average savings between 10 and 30% off core food purchases.

How do we take advantage of this new advantage?

Who’s the best GPO to go with?

Lots of questions and finally some answers.

Let’s look at the real meat behind the rise of group purchasing organizations in the food space.

You can understand the how’s and why’s of restaurant gpo’s savings here.

Over 60,000 restaurants and other businesses have already made the jump so there’s fire along with the smoke.

More importantly, how many restaurant/food cliches can we fit in one article (answer: more than 1 so too many).

To find out (and of less urgency, how to take advantage of GPO pricing contracts), get more information here.

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