The company has garnered a huge fan following and has a monumental support in the form of a widely expanding community that has started to view Beldex as a crypto leader.

HONG KONG, December 01, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the constant effort to stay on top of the crypto game, Beldex has yet again done what other cryptocurrency companies have failed to do. Beldex has gained the trust of the crypto community by exhibiting great potential in its ideas and coin. The company has garnered a huge fan following and has a monumental support in the form of a widely expanding community that has started to view Beldex as a crypto leader.

Right from Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and India, Beldex has spread its wings in Middle East and very recently in the African continent as well. “We believe right now the market is financially unstable, and the sudden lowering of Bitcoin prices have led to fear in adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, the faith shared by our community is overwhelming and keeps us moving forward,” said Marcus Foo, Chief Operations Officer at Beldex.

About BDX Coins:
Beldex has claimed to be one of the most advanced users of the Crypto-Note mechanism in their coin technology. Although widely regarded as a slightly flawed mechanism, Beldex claims that it has successfully eradicated the most unnerving of flaws from the Crypto-Note system. The newly improved mechanism presented by the company will aim at providing the highest possible privacy options. Right now Beldex uses Proof-of-work in its inner workings, while the company also states that it will be moving to Proof-of-stake soon. The updated network will be shared soon to the end users.

Utility virtues & AI exchange:
Many cryptocurrencies have claimed to provide utility benefits however they have failed in that aspect miserably. Beldex however promises utility in the ecosystem created by it, where they introduce their own Blockchain Products for the BDX coin’s usage. The most promising decentralised applications are to be launched by Beldex, in various service Industries offering a completely decentralised service to its users. Of course the fuel to ensure seamless dealings in these apps will be BDX coins.

With such products in the pipeline Beldex’s claims cannot be ignored and their exchange with AI driven virtues will only add the much needed spark to the whole scene. The company aims to seamlessly work with many cryptocurrencies to make this a successful and highly sought after exchange. The AI driven exchange is said to match the best trading pair for easy trading at a much larger volume than the usual ones, as well as with clear security measurements.

Listing success:
As a part of their larger project scope Beldex plans to give the most secured update possible for its coins. BDX coins have been tremendously used in the different parts of the world having ties with major exchange’s like BTC Alpha, Bite BTC, Coinroom, Escodex which has given wings to the project. The trade volume is better than anticipated says the CEO Kim Hallend from Beldex and he added we plan to add-on many Major Exchanges soon.

Beldex aims to create the perfect cryptosphere for all its end users. After the successful completion of their ICO they seem to be moving as per their proposed road-map and gaining the momentum of the people and the community to help them in their ultimate goal.

Beldex – The Pioneering Private Coin powering an entire Blockchain Venture Ecosystem.

Beldex, a privacy enabled cryptocurrency, is ushering in a decentralised startup stack for a plethora of businesses, en route to becoming the most sought after Blockchain Fuel.

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