The US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Center is urging A Navy Veteran with mesothelioma because of asbestos exposure on an aircraft carrier or submarine to call them to ensure they are talking directly with the nation’s top lawyers about compensation.

NEW YORK, NY, March 09, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Center is extremely concerned that most US Navy Veterans with confirmed mesothelioma, or their family members, will not get properly compensated because they failed to retain the services of some of the nation’s most skilled and capable mesothelioma lawyers. This is especially true if the Navy Veteran with mesothelioma was exposed to asbestos on a nuclear submarine or an aircraft carrier.

The group is urging a Navy Veteran with mesothelioma or their family to call them anytime at 800-714-0303 for on the spot direct access to some of the nation’s most experienced mesothelioma attorneys-who get the best possible financial compensation results for their navy veteran clients. http://USNavyMesothelioma.Com

The US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Center says, “We are advocates for US Navy Veterans with mesothelioma not lawyers. Our number one goal is a US Navy Veteran with mesothelioma receives the very best possible financial compensation results. If you are a Navy Veteran with recently diagnosed mesothelioma or their immediate family please call us anytime at 800-714-0303 so we can give you extremely honest advice about specific lawyers you should be talking to, treatment options as well information the attorneys will need to help you get properly compensated.” http://USNavyMesothelioma.Com

US Navy Nuclear Submarines or Aircraft Carriers:

* Lafayette Class Nuclear Submarine (9 boats in class)

* James Madison Nuclear Submarine (10 boats in class)

* Sturgeon Class Nuclear Submarine (37 boats in class)

* Benjamin Franklin Nuclear Submarine (12 boats in class)

* Los Angeles Class Attack Submarine (62 boats in class)

* Ohio Class Nuclear Submarine (18 boats in class)

* Enterprise Class Aircraft Carrier-Nuclear-(1 in Class)

* Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier-Nuclear- (10 in Class)

The US Navy has a program to train US Navy sailors about nuclear powered warships and it is called Nuclear Field Program or (Nuke School). For information about the nuclear navy please visit the US Navy’s website on this topic:

For information about the US Navy Submarine fleet please review their website on this topic:

For a current listing of all active and inactive US Navy Aircraft carriers please review the following navy website. All active US Navy Aircraft carriers are nuclear powered including the Nimitz and Ford Class ships.

According to the CDC the states indicated with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon. However, a US Navy Veteran with confirmed mesothelioma could live in any state including California, New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, or Alaska. http://USNavyMesothelioma.Com

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