Capital Event Timed with High Stakes Negotiation Conference to be Held on Tuesday November 13 (8 am To 4 pm) in the Rayburn House Office Building (Rayburn 2075) at the US Capital

WASHINGTON, DC, October 31, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — With more than twenty leading experts and officials, the National Council on US-Libya Relations announces the singular Washington policy event on Libya this year – to be held on Tuesday, November 13th in the Rayburn House Office Building (Rayburn 2075) at the US Capitol.

Moderated by Council Chair, Dr. Hani Shennib, the Conference comes at an inflection point for Libya. With open fighting among militias in Tripoli in September, the remaining veneer of governing authority in the capital has been stripped away. An influx of mercenaries and militias from neighboring countries threatens to destabilize Libya’s south. Extremists have been ousted from Derna in the East, but as with Benghazi, the town remains badly in need of aid and reconstruction. Corruption continues to sap Libya’s foreign reserves, and its economy. Smugglers continue to move oil and people in and out of Libya; nearly 700,000 migrants remain in the country, poised to make the dangerous sea voyage to Europe.

Italy is set to become the latest European country to attempt a political breakthrough among Libyan leaders, next month in Palermo. The Italian parley in Sicily is scheduled to close just as the NCUSLR conference, ‘Libya at the Crossroads’, opens on Capitol Hill on November 13th.

This means that participants, attendees and the media at the NCUSLR conference on Capitol Hill will have the opportunity to share immediate reaction to the Palermo parley. The NCUSLR event in Rayburn will feature a special, ‘Live from Palermo’ briefing from senior international officials, participating via video link. Conferees will analyze the conclusions and identify next steps for international actors, including the US, UN and EU.

‘Libya at the Crossroads’ is on the record and open to the public (registration required.) Media should register using the media option on the registration page.

The National Council on US-Libya Relations is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, dedicated to strengthening international engagement in Libya for a successful democratic transition. The Council is both a policy and project organization, putting organizational resources to work to assist Libyans on the ground, as well as to guide policy makers in Libya, the US and Europe. Capitalizing on its wide network, the Council provides the public, institutions and policymakers in the US, Europe and Libya with information and perspectives on the country.

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