3D printers’ popularity is rising each year. The idea of 3D printing is spreading across the world and we are still able to find new applications for these clever devices.

NEW YORK, NY, November 25, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — No matter whether you are an engineer, an accountant or a nurse, you have probably heard, seen or even used one of these machines. This rising popularity led some school directors to purchase a 3D printer for student’s educational purposes. The main questions are: what for? How can 3D printers be useful in education? Let’s take a look at some applications of 3D printers that can be useful in education.

Unleash your creativity – art and design classes

When it comes to education and 3D printers, art and design classes appear to benefit the most. Students are no longer limited to two dimensions, pencil and paper. With the use of 3D printers they can create their models in Computer Aided Design and create them by 3D printer. Doesn’t it sound like something that can boost students’ creativity?

Educational materials for Science classes

Can you imagine an atom? The answer is probably “yes”, but in fact, atom is one of the most simple structures in the entire Universe. Let’s take a step forward. How about Solar system, human cells or a heart? If you are not a specialist, it might be hard to imagine such complicated objects. That’s why many schools print visual aids for their students. The idea is simple: a 3D printed model is better than a picture in a book. You can look at your 3D print from different sides, touch it and understand its complexity. Of course, educational materials have existed before, but they were too expensive for many schools to buy. And that’s why 3D printing became such a revolutionary invention!

Programming will never be more fun! – IT classes

During primary school, most students considered programming as the most boring activity in the world. They may feel that it has nothing to do with reality. Since many 3D printers use open-source software, why not use a 3D printer to show children how programming can be applied to their reality? If someone had shown them that modifying a few lines of code in the 3D printer software really can change a 3D printer’s behavior, students would probably change their attitude.

Preparation for living in a world of tomorrow

3D printers are very popular nowadays, and their popularity is only set to increase. In fact, there is a huge possibility that during our lifetimes, 3D printers will appropriate for as much as 50% of global manufacturing, therefore we should prepare children for that by getting familiar with 3D printing technology in schools. Additionally, the 3D printing process gives a great overview of all modern manufacturing processes in general. It contains all phases of engineering design: defining the problem, specifying requirements, designing and creating a prototype, testing and re-designing new models before all requirements are met. This kind of knowledge may be very useful for everybody, not only engineers.

3D printer – is it worth buying for school purpose?

Purchasing a 3D printer for school would be one of the best possible investments in student’s future. This device can come in handy in numerous situations, from stimulating children’s imagination to explaining complicated ideas in the simplest way possible. Just make sure that your school has a teacher who can handle the device, as you don’t want it to stay unused.

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