The Cargolog® TMS90 from Mobitron AB enables you to monitor transports for an array of highly valuable, technical and sensitive types of equipment like wind turbines, foundations, rotor blades etc.

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Cargolog® TMS90 features are dedicated towards a common goal, to provide an increased security in an ever-growing global market where transporting goods and equipment is becoming more and more important.

Driver Alarm

Cargolog® TMS90 has built-in driver alarm that provides extra security and control, and also enable you to get valuable real-time information if any given limits are exceeded.

The driver alarm is placed inside the driver cabins and obtain the information in real-time if the limited values are exceeded. The driver of the transport receives a visible alarm about temperature, vibrations and, impacts. This is a crucial function to ensure safe and efficient transportation of sensitive and valuable goods.


The Cargolog® TMS90 can be attached directly to the equipment that you are transporting and the system warns in case any limits are exceeded. It also warns other port and terminal operating companies in case the alarm levels are exceeded, so the transport can be stopped for an inspection. Ultimately, this makes the whole transportation process safe, reliable and efficient, with the added ability to know when there is a need for maintenance on the road.

Some other key features of the Cargolog® TMS90 are:

– Showing the exact location of transportation through GPS function.
– Recording comprehensive information about impact and vibration.
– Providing accurate information about the about the temperature in the transport

About us

Mobitron AB was founded in 1991 by Sven-Olof Olsson. The company is specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling systems and products designed for quality assurance during the Transport and handling of goods.

Over the years Cargolog has evolved and is currently a sophisticated recording tool for monitoring transportation of goods that contains a fully integrated GPS and GSM/GPRS, and with the release of their new APP, it has brought their product line to a new level.

Mobitron is currently located in Kaxholmen, Sweden.

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