Book Become International Best Seller

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, December 20, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Charles Max Wood launches his new book “The MaxCoders Guide To Finding Your Dream Developer Job” and it became a best seller on November 16th, 2019.

In this first MaxCoders guide, Charles Max Wood shares with you the secrets behind finding your dream developer job.

Whether you’re a recent bootcamp graduate or a veteran programmer, it’s often difficult to find a job you love. If you’re unhappy with your current work opportunities or are having trouble finding your first or next programming job, this book will walk you through the process of not only find a job, but a job you’ll love going to every day.

Early in his career, Charles Max Wood found that he could either work a job he loved for a year before they downsized or laid people off or he could stay in jobs he hated forever. Realizing this, he began researching companies before applying to see if they were a fit.

This book contains the techniques and tricks he learned for identifying great companies to work for and then working through the people and systems he could find to put himself in front of the right people to get that next job. In many cases, he’d end up being interviewed for a job before it even got listed on job sites.

Over the next several years, he coached dozens of other developers and helped them get placed in terrific companies working on technologies they enjoyed with people that challenged them doing work that mattered.

Through his coaching, he realized that he couldn’t help everyone one-on-one, so he put his approach into the book you hold in your hand.

Charles says “Your dream job as a coder is right in front of you. What you need is to understand what job you want, what skills that job requires and then what steps you need to take to find your dream developer job.”

“It is fun to see that now in 2019 there a so many options beyond just going to college for 4 years to become a developer. I was excited to read this book!” says Steve Kidd the host of Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show.

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Charles Max Wood guides developers in being successful developers and building terrific lives through programming at He’s also on a mission to create a podcast for every programming community at He’s been a web developer for 13 years and was a freelancer for 6 years. He loves connecting with new people, talking about code, and hanging with his family.

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