Burn+ Doubles Up as Online Health and Fitness Platform for Consumers and Business Management Software for Health Clubs and Professionals

TORY, MI, July 04, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — By Nature Companies, LLC (BNC) is pleased to announce upcoming release of cutting edge software and mobile app, BURN+. The comprehensive software is slated for commercial launch via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on August 21, 2017.

BNC has developed BURN+ (Lite and Pro) and BURN+ Enterprise. Lite and Pro encompass the consumer version of the software, designed as a vehicle to provide added value and connect BNC with their customers on a deeper level. BURN+ Enterprise functions as a full-suite business management software designed for Health Clubs and Professionals.

For consumers, BURN+ (Lite and Pro) allow users to: create tailor-made fitness and nutrition plans, set goals and track progress, get live support from coaches, earn rewards (badges, free products, discounts), and share their milestones and progress with friends and family via their favorite social network. The App provides access to 4,000+ exercise demonstrations to ensure that users build proper movement fundamentals to achieve better results and reduce the risk of injury.

“Burn Plus is the ultimate all-in-one healthy living solution,” said By Nature Companies, LLC Co-Founder Chad Willis. “As a company, we’re all about getting people into the mindset of making small changes in daily habits that add up to sustainable healthy living. Burn Plus is the culmination of that belief, and a monumental step towards making a tangible impact on a mass scale.”

The extensive software platform is accessible online and through the BURN+ Mobile App – available as BURN+ Lite and BURN+ Pro. BURN+ Lite is a free version of the App with limited content and features, while the paid version – BURN+ Pro – unlocks unlimited access and full features for the ultimate user experience.

The Mobile App is designed to connect with wearable smart devices, such as the FitBit, and also integrates with Life Fitness equipment. These user-friendly integrations allow for more flexibility and accurate monitoring of the user’s results and progress.

Willis went on to say, “I am still in awe of the functionality that Burn Plus is equipped with, and what it can offer to people around the world. There’s an enormous gray area for the average person when it comes to fitness, nutrition and healthy living – and the resulting apprehension is what prevents so many people from changing their bodies and lives. You have obstacles like: what type of exercises do I need to do, how to incorporate (those exercises) into an overall program, how and what to eat, how to determine and track results, will people notice my results, what do I do if I need help…”

“Answers and explanations to all those questions are built right into this platform! Burn Plus takes the guess work out of everything, and most importantly, removes fear and anxiety of the ‘gray area’. Beyond that, it does it in a fun way – with all kinds of challenges and rewards, as well as an interactive online community to share the journey with.”

The B2B counterpart of the software – BURN+ Enterprise – has been designed as a full-suite business management platform for Health Clubs and Professionals. BNC will sub-license the Enterprise software with an upfront set up cost and fixed per-user fees. For Health Clubs and retailers that carry BNC’s product line, the initial set up costs will be waived.

The Enterprise version includes comprehensive features to manage memberships, billing (including recurring online payments and invoicing), online scheduling and class check-in, access control (RFID / fingerprint / barcode), and a Coaching platform. The Coaching Platform allows Trainers and Coaches to utilize BURN+ Lite and Pro to interact with and monitor their client base, ultimately offering more value and enhancing personal training results.

All version of the software (Lite, Pro and Enterprise) have been equipped with direct access to BNC’s Online Store. This functionality is designed to stimulate quick and easy reordering of the company’s products, and showcase the product line to consumers that have accessed the App, but not yet been exposed to BNC’s products.

Health Clubs and Professional that would like more information on BURN+ Enterprise can contact [email protected].

About By Nature Companies, LLC
By Nature Companies, LLC is a next generation health supplement and healthy living organization. We live and breathe the lifestyle that we preach; a lifestyle that, above all else, is the foundation of sustainable healthy living. Our passion for this lifestyle has given way to creation of a network of brands that focus on the fundamental components of becoming healthier as individuals and healthier as a global society.

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