Contentverse 2020 can be quickly and easily customized to any and every environment. This latest version is packed full of feature functionality, allowing users to file, locate, edit, and process any document in their organization anytime, anywhere.

CHICAGO, IL, February 11, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — On the momentous, symmetrical date of 02022020, Computhink releases CV 2020, the newest version of Contentverse, ready for a new decade transforming business environments. This latest milestone in the evolution of their Enterprise Content Management solution boasts new Enterprise Online and Professional clients and enhancements across the board. As the ECM’s deployment options continue to multiply, and new PDF compression technology opens up storage possibilities, your files are still safe both at rest and in transit with Contentverse. The Computhink team continues to put security and versatility first with increased speed and performance in Contentverse 2020 as well as the brand new Content Sentinel. They didn’t forget their on-the-go mobile users either. The CV Mobile apps for Android and iOS also received major updates and enhancements for a faster, more user-friendly Contentverse.

Even more than before, Contentverse 2020 can be quickly and easily customized to any and every environment. This latest version is packed full of feature functionality, allowing users to file, locate, edit, and process any document in their organization with ease, anytime, anywhere. The new Enterprise Web Services dramatically enhances the Software Development kit options, enabling a whole new level of streamlined integrations. The Contentverse client interfaces, workflow report generator, mobile applications, online security, and modules have all received enhancement upgrades to exceed standards in 2020. These changes are part of the all-inclusive feature functionality, which comes as standard. We have extended the security of user interactions to a whole new level, improving on the Contentverse that already keeps your files safe, your workflow in order, and your business processes on-task.

Contentverse can be deployed in hosted, on-premise, and/or hybrid environments. The hybrid deployment option opens up a wide variety of deployed, hosted and on-premise, server/services, storage, and database choices. This gives customers versatility, opening availability to virtually every industry. With Contentverse 2020’s new Enterprise Online client, users experience full functionality via a streamlined, responsive interface, no matter from which browser they access it. With the option to leverage SSL encryption for web clients, accessing Contentverse over the internet is more secure than ever.

Regardless of where files are stored, bandwidth, internet connection, and file size play major roles in a solution’s speed and efficiency. These can change based on the server services, database, and storage locations. Taking into account the users’ operational roles and needs is critical when assessing these limitations. Contentverse 2020’s High Compression PDF (HC-PDF) technology can reduce PDF files to a manageable size, free up valuable storage space, and most importantly optimize file transfer speeds. Complementing this feature functionality, Contentverse can extend this to other mission critical apps utilizing existing integrations and the SDK toolkit.

Along with speed and performance, security is crucial for an enterprise solution, especially in light of the constant news of corporate data breaches. The GDPR has changed how companies worldwide handle user data from the newsletter signup on their website to the databases where they store user logins to when said data is purged. It’s about time ECMs reflect this evolution in user privacy. Contentverse’s user permissions govern who in the company sees what files, and a dedicated security manager can limit the breadth of administrative oversight to tighten access. With Contentverse 2020’s Content Sentinel, users can give controlled access of select documents to those outside of the company’s domain security users, allowing for sharing while maintaining absolute security and audit trail tracking.

Contentverse 2020 is the next step in Content Management’s ongoing transformation, meeting and even leading the decade’s enterprise solution trends. With enhancements of everything from A to Z, HC-PDF, Content Sentinel, and new deployment options, Contentverse is more versatile and secure than it has ever been. Contact Computhink via their website or social media for a demo of the latest version.

With over 25 years of experience, Computhink consistently evolves and delivers market solutions to solve real life challenges. Their diverse team comprises creative, experienced minds dedicated to developing outstanding enterprise software. Content management’s transition to incorporate new intelligent operational and self-processing concepts will completely change the way we work. Computhink will continue to evaluate new technologies – like AI and Blockchain – to enhance and expand their business solutions, growing their digital offerings around customer needs and leveraging the latest technological advances. Computhink’s Contentverse 2020 provides even greater flexibility in deployment, collaboration, accessibility, and accountability. With an enterprise suite of clients providing near instant response, easier integration with mission critical applications, information governance, and communication.

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