EasePDF, the best online PDF converter announces new improvements to Split PDF and Compress PDF for Better Performance. Great experience and best to use.

HONG KONG, December 19, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — EasePDF’s free web-service offers over 20 PDF tools. Recent developments in their platform add editing functions to the Split Tool and variety to the Compression Tool.

EasePDF announced today improvements to a number of functions of their online web-tool. What is important to know is that EasePDF is open to the public web-resource which allows users to edit, compress, and covert their PDF files in any device they prefer.

What makes EasePDF appealing to a wide range of audiences is that its service is notably free, and accessible on multiple platforms and OS. Most people would like to know that you can access EasePDF on Windows, OSX, or Linux computers; as well as mobile devices running iOS or Android.

We should know that there are new improvements to the Split Tool and the Compression Tool, key features of the EasePDF platform. Unlike before, the Split tool allows users to divide a PDF file into separate PDF files. The Compression Tool helps users manage the file size of PDFs.

For the Compression Tool, EasePDF added an option for the user to choose what level of compression they want. There are 3 options available to the user. Understandably, the smaller the compression file, the less quality of a PDF file. Previously the older version of the Compression Tool only had a single option available to users. Most users felt limited due to having a single option, now, users have 3 options available.

Added to the Split Tool are the options for the user to rotate or zoom individual pages. Users can still type in the page number they wish for the PDF file to be split at, or select the file where they want the split.

About EasePDF
For those who aren’t already aware of it, EasePDF is a free online web-tool, according to their website, it is their intention to be “Easy, Simple and Free.” With all the new improvements made to the tool and the fact that it is completely free, EasyPDF should be a popular web tool in no time. The service is based in China and launched in 2018 and had been under development for a period of 10 years. EasePDF promises to remain free and always available to the public.

EasePDF Feature List
• Convert PDF into select files.
• Turn select files into PDF.
• Supported file types include: Word (.DOC, .DOCX), Excel (.XLS, .XLXS) PowerPoint (.PPT, .PPTX), Image (.JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .BMP, .GIF) Text (.TXT, .RTF), Web-Page (.HTML)
• Compression of PDF files.
• Merging multiple PDF files.
• Splitting a single PDF files into multiple files.
• Editing capabilities to digitally sign a PDF file.
• Other editing tools, like rotation and zoom options.
• Protection to lock and unlock PDF files.

Advanced Encryption and Document Safety
The company behind EasyPDF has stated the need for improved security to the webtool. Over the course of 10 years, they have introduced security measures to protect users’ data, for instance, all files transferred to and through EasePDF receive a 256-bit SSL Encryption. Concerning safety, EasePDF guarantees this, “all your personal info won’t be shared with others and no one can access your loaded files.” Files are only kept on their servers for a maximum of 24 hours. With all being said, most of us care deeply for our personal files when shared on the internet, with their 256-bit SSL Encryption, you can be assured that your files won’t be accessed by anyone else unless allowed by you.

Contact EasePDF
Users can send feedback to contact EasePDF on their web-page.

Contact person: Elisa Well
Company: EasePDF
Address: Hong Kong
Email: [email protected]

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