Suite offers cost-effective, easy-to-implement access to school system resources for students and faculty

KENNEWICK, WA, April 24, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — ESTeem Industrial Wireless Solutions and TOSIBOX® have unveiled the Virtual Schoolhouse Suite to help school systems solve their distance learning challenges.

“During this unusual time, education systems around the world are being tasked to create non-traditional learning environments,” said Dan Tolley, ESTeem director of business development. “The Virtual Schoolhouse Suite is an ideal solution for remote learning, delivering reliable and secure remote connectivity for students and faculty.”

One of the greatest hurdles facing Online Education is reliable Internet access for students and faculty in underserved areas. ESTeem’s Edge Access+, the cornerstone of the Virtual Schoolhouse Suite, uses LTE connections to provide WiFi Internet access nearly anywhere. Installed on a school bus, or even on a light pole, schools can deploy mobile or fixed Remote Learning Centers so students and faculty can access cloud-based and/or server-based homework assignments, lessons, and educational content.

Pairing the Edge Access + with an ESTeem Horizon 2.4 MESH WiFi network enables a much greater WiFi coverage footprint, covering entire parking lots, parks, or stadiums. These additional WiFi access points (AP’s) can service numerous additional students and faculty while maintaining current social distancing requirements.

The Virtual Schoolhouse can be further customized to provide secure, encrypted, and managed VPN access directly to school servers as if the user were directly connected on-site. Easily managed TOSIBOX® client software is supported in Windows PC’s, Mac/Apple devices and Google Chromebooks.

“Because it uses readily available technology already proven in the industrial markets, the Virtual Schoolhouse Suite provides easily customized solutions to address specific Remote Learning education needs today,” Tolley said.

“We’re excited to play a role in helping school systems deliver the online education their students deserve,” Tolley said.

Contact ESTeem to learn more about the Virtual Schoolhouse Suite’s capabilities.

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