With the recent release of Microsoft’s Project for Web, FluentPro has announced the release of Power BI Reports Pack for Project for Web, which is now available on Appsource for free.

SEATTLE, WA, November 14, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Microsoft officially released Microsoft Project for Web – project management and collaboration tool that is going to be a part of the company’s new project and portfolio management ecosystem.

Currently, there is no reporting package of any kind available in Microsoft Project for Web. Having advanced expertise in Microsoft Power BI, FluentPro created the Power BI Reports Pack for Project for Web, which is now available for all Project for Web users.

This reporting pack includes several visually rich reports and dashboards designed to provide valuable insights about the user’s project portfolio, resources, assignments, and other aspects of project management activity. At the moment, the following reports are available:

1. Portfolio Overview & Portfolio Details showing the list of projects, general information about the overall progress of the portfolio and project statuses.

2. Project Overview is the report with the most critical project details, such as task assignments and progress of a single project or a group of projects which the user can select in filters.

3. Tasks Overview provides information about the progress of tasks, the number of tasks that are due by month, and statistics about task completion. Filters by project and by resource are available in this report.

4. Assignments Overview & Details shows detailed information about assignments progress, resource workload, and tasks projects the resources are assigned on.

5. Resource Governance & Calendar provides some valuable stats about the performance of all resources and their workload for the future periods.

Anton Kravtsov, Founder & CEO of FluentPro, said, “We believe that business intelligence technologies hold the future, and that’s why we started working with Power BI, which we consider the only one BI platform that makes a difference. We created Power BI Pack for Microsoft Project for Web to be a quick-start Power BI solution which gives more insights at less effort and cost to make data-driven decision making and smarter management accessible for any organization, big or small.”

Power BI Reports Pack for Project for Web is free and now available in Microsoft AppSource as Executive Reports for Microsoft Project for Web. FluentPro is going to add more reports in the foreseeable future, but for the users who need customizations or additional reports right away, the company offers Power BI consulting services.

FluentPro Software Corporation is an industry-recognized provider of software solutions for Work Management and Enterprise Portfolio/Project Management, including configuration management and migration solutions, business intelligence and data visualization products, software for data integration. The company’s products are used by many Fortune 500 companies, including Nokia, NBC Universal, Abbott, and others.

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