New Software Takes Data Analysis and Decision Making to a Whole New Level to Help Eliminate Bottlenecks and Facilitate Faster Growth

ST. LOUIS, MO, October 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Forensic IT, a St. Louis forensic technology and data solutions firm, announces the launch of Trakker, a customizable software solution that takes data driven software solutions to a whole new level. It enables businesses to eliminate guesswork and hunches, and use more precise data based decision making to fuel innovation and grow their companies.

Trakker is more than just project management or tracking software. It actually ties change management with project management, ties problem management to project management and helps companies identify bottlenecks that can cause slowdowns in product delivery. The end result is a real savings in time and money.

“Trakker has been in development for three years and is now part of everything we do at Forensic IT. We are group of engineers that take a forensic approach to keep track of data for clients nationwide and have found Trakker to be an incredible tool that can help any company, of any size, improve their efficiencies and increase profits. We are pleased to now offer this software to the business marketplace,” said Erick Harlow, Principal of Forensic IT.

Harlow added, “The software is different than any other project management program available. It can help you define real issues based on actual data. Data doesn’t lie. It will show you strengths but also indicate weaknesses in your manufacturing or production process. The goal is to identify those weaknesses, eliminate problem areas and make adjustments for significant improvement.”

Trakker is portable and keeps track of changes to any project or event no matter who touches or uses it. It helps solve communication issues each time a record is updated. It enables an engineer to update all stakeholders simultaneously.

Key Performance Indicators are highlighted to keep everyone “in the know” on contractual deliverables. The entire team is kept abreast when something is missing. Tasks, events, problems and projects are seamlessly linked together to eliminate hours of database searches. Trakker’s change management system helps a company own their process while keeping surprises to a minimum.

“Other products focus on project management or ticketing software to help report on different operational details such as staff time, customer reports, and equipment usage. Trakker not only provides that information but takes it to the next level by helping business owners know if their projects are behind or ahead of the curve. It monitors the work load and deliverables. Problem areas are identified and its impact on everyone involved, including customers. Trakker links everything together and provides custom analytics and data collection to help you make better decisions to ignite the growth of your company.”

Companies are invited to take Trakker for a free test drive. To sign up for a free trial visit or call 314-221-9648.

Forensic IT began in 2003 with one customer, one employee, and one service. Since then we have continued to grow in customers, employees, and services. The firm provides support services (troubleshooting and system administration), engineering (process controls and automation), software development, and training to companies across the United States. Its new software, Trakker, is the outgrowth of the firm’s data driven approach to customer solutions. Forensic IT and Trakker help companies facilitate growth with better decision making. For more information visit

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