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LONDON, ENGLAND, November 28, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — We are proud of our products and put in time and effort to satisfy our customers’ high expectations.

Because of our commitment to quality, we have an announcement related to the GPS trackers that we sell. After careful deliberation, we have decided to only sell Teltonika devices in our online store (

In the past, you may have seen that we sell several different types of trackers in our online shop, including GPS trackers manufactured by ATrack, Bofan, Ruptela, and Xexun. Having said that, we have made the difficult decision to become an official Teltonika trackers reseller.

Teltonika is a partner that shares our dedication to quality. Teltonika has spent decades creating Internet of Things (IoT) devices and this experience has allowed it to create the best GPS trackers on the market. The market has clearly responded to the quality of Teltonika products, as its trackers are used throughout the world by businesses both large and small. In addition, Teltonika’s factory is ISO9001 certified, meaning that Teltonika consistently meets high-quality control standards—from both customers and regulators—when manufacturing each of its products. It is this attention to detail and attention to quality that drew us to working exclusively with Teltonika.

Along with the company’s attention to detail in each of their products, Teltonika places customer service at a premium. Simply put, the company is absolutely dedicated to serving its customers’ needs. This attitude toward place the customer first spoke to us and reflected our emphasis on customer service. Because of this, we are extremely proud to partner with a company that does everything necessary to make customers fully satisfied.

Available Products

By becoming an official Teltonika tracker reseller, we are excited to offer you some stellar GPS trackers. Some of the Teltonika GPS trackers that will appear in our store include the following:

Teltonika TMT250: Teltonika TMT250 is a mini-GPS tracker that is primarily designed to track people and things like people, pets, cars, and employees. The TMT250 is a powerful tracker which can work in harsh weather conditions. It has GNSS, GSM, and Bluetooth connectivity and a long battery life.

Teltonika FM3001 (3G): Teltonika FM3001 (3G) is designed to track light vehicles. Like the Teltonika TMT250, the Teltonika FM3001 (3G) has GNSS and Bluetooth connectivity. That said, it also offers 3G connectivity, which allows users the ability to use this GPS tracker across the world. Ultimately, the Teltonika FM3001 (3G) is an easy OBDII Plug and Play tracker that can read OBDII data from an onboard computer.

Teltonika FM3612 (3G): Teltonika FM3612 (3G) is a GPS tracker that is suitable for light vehicle tracking, yet it does so much more. You can use the Teltonika FM3612 (3G) for more advanced tracking situations like monitoring logistics, delivery services, or utility transport. Specifically for delivery services, the Teltonika FM3612 (3G) is especially useful for tracking refrigerated transport, as you can remotely monitor the temperature of your refrigerated goods. Along with these features, the FM3612 (3G) has internal GNSS and 3G connectivity.

Teltonika FM6300 (3G): The Teltonika FM6300 (3G) is a GPS tracker that is designed for complex solutions. It can be used in a variety of circumstances, including international logistics, agriculture, refrigerated transport, construction and mining, and emergency services. The Teltonika FM6300 (3G) has features like FMS CAN data, fuel CAN data, and tachograph live data.

While these are just four Teltonika devices that is available in our store, we are happy to work with you if you would like to purchase a Teltonika tracker that is not listed here. Free shipping is offered for every purchase and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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We are extremely excited about becoming an official Teltonika tracker reseller. If you have any questions about how we can help you with your GPS tracking needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can find all the ways to contact us by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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