LED designer, manufacturer partners with global electronics distributor

HONG KONG, CHINA October 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — GRE Alpha Electronics, Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of LED power supplies and systems, has added Arrow Electronics as an official distributor of their products. This marks GRE Alpha’s fifth distribution outlet.

Founded in 2009 GRE Alpha focuses on an LED niche often neglected – modular design. Unlike many LED driver and accessory manufacturers, GRE Alpha creates products that can be integrated into existing setups. This allows their products to be swapped out for newer models as they release, or to be replaced if damage occurs.

“GRE Alpha’s aim is to provide reliable, easy-to-install LED power solution to the LED lighting market,” says Richard Fong, GRE Alpha’s Executive Director. “With a flexible power platform, GRE Alpha’s unique modular systems allows users to upgrade their existing lighting systems with various dimming options when needed without the hassle purchasing another LED driver, saving both costs and reducing SKUs.”

GRE Alpha doesn’t just create LED components; they often provide help and information to those in need. For example, they recently addressed the dangers of power surges–something that can cause tremendous amounts of damage to LED lighting, drivers, and modules for businesses. They state their SEL-20kA Surge Energy Protector can help mitigate the damage from power surges. This product and more will be on display at Hong Kong’s International Lighting Fair from Oct. 27-30, during which time GRE Alpha hopes to give attendees a firsthand look at the benefits of a modular approach.

The Colorado-based Arrow Electronics has a global reach, with access to distribution in 29 countries. Since their founding in 1935, Arrow has focused on providing access to cutting-edge technology around the world.

“Our partnership with Arrow will greatly enhance our product reach and will allow us to reduce our lead times and provide better on-time service to our clients worldwide,” Fong says.

While based in Hong Kong, GRE Alpha aims to make their modular solutions available worldwide. With Arrow’s 2016 sales coming in at $23.8 billion, GRE Alpha’s goal of furthering their product reach looks to soon be a reality.

About GRE Alpha
GRE Alpha is committed to innovation and to delivering high-quality, leading-edge LED lighting solutions. For more information about products, or to speak with a GRE Alpha product expert, visit enquiries page.

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