Real-Time Agent Development Pays Off with Improved Engagement and Significant Cost Savings

ATLANTA, GA, November 25, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Intradiem, the leading provider of Workforce Automation (WFA), today announced the availability of Enhanced Coaching. Agents will now be able to receive consistent and frequent one-to-one coaching sessions with the real-time capabilities of the automation platform.

Historically, the contact center environment inhibits regular coaching sessions with agents. Taking agents away from handling customer inquiries puts service levels at risk, and with fluctuating call volumes, predicting when both the agent and the coach have enough time to meet is nearly impossible.

With Intradiem’s Workforce Automation platform, supervisors use a simple user interface to prioritize the agents who need coaching, and the system automatically finds the time for coaching by monitoring call center conditions.

“Our customers are extremely excited about the release of our Enhanced Coaching capabilities,” said Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem. “They have shared their concerns about agent disengagement and the impact on churn. Knowing that they can confidently say every single agent in the contact center is receiving much needed one-to-one guidance from their supervisors is a real win for these leaders.”

With standard workforce management (WFM) and automatic call distribution (ACD) systems, successful deployment of a robust coaching program has proven to be extremely challenging and costly. With the rise of self-service and omni-channel operations, agents now deal with more complex inquiries, which leads to burnout and fatigue. Consistent and personalized coaching, along with other elements, is key for improving agent engagement.

“Our customers appreciate the value of Workforce Automation,” stated McConnell. “With the improvement in agent engagement, their customers receive top-notch service. And, the platform pays off with significant savings and efficiencies.”

To learn more about Intradiem’s Workforce Automation platform and enhanced coaching, sign up for the web demonstration on December 12, 2019 here:

Intradiem is the only Workforce Automation (WFA) solution that delivers guaranteed results while improving both agent engagement and the customer experience. Our powerful technology acts as an automated manager for the contact center with rules triggered in real-time by actual center conditions. We power over 1.2 billion automated actions annually and have saved our customers over $170 million in the past 2 years.

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