Krishna C. Mukherjee has moved from one technological breakthrough to another. His accomplishments have certainly changed the world for good. Through his vision and innovations, he has created the very foundation of modern technology.

MANHASSET, NY, February 27, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The past three decades have seen a major shift in our lifestyle due to technological advances. The kinds of possibilities that have emerged because of technology were unimaginable not too long ago. For instance, we could never have imagined that we’d be able to shop for food, clothes, and just about anything from the comfort of our homes.

While technology has made life much easier for its consumers, it is important to shed light on the people who used it to change the world so drastically. One such glorious mind belongs to Krishna C. Mukherjee, a senior professional from Microsoft. Microsoft remains the biggest, most popular name in the software industry worldwide, and it is individuals like Mukherjee that have contributed in making it what it is today.

A computer scientist, Mukherjee has been behind the development and promotion of every significant technological masterpiece created by the company. Let us, therefore, take a look at his wonderful life and how he managed to work his way up here:

A Techie from the Beginning:

With a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Mukherjee was always keen about technology. The institutes he chose to study from remain some of the outstanding engineering institutes of India till date.

While studying at IIT, he specialized in AI and robotics and began to dream about the magic technology could create for the future. He even wrote his Master’s thesis on AI and conducted groundbreaking research and published papers in AI conferences. He had begun to receive offers from prestigious organizations even before he completed his Master’s degree; in the end he chose to accept the offer from Microsoft, and joined the company in its aim to produce mission-critical products.

Making Technology Accessible to Everyone:

There came a time in the 90’s when names like Windows, Microsoft Word, and Paint became popular not only in offices but also at homes and schools. Not just that, but companies also began preferring candidates with proficiency in these software while hiring for both IT and non-IT roles.

As Principal Architect and Lead Software Engineer for Microsoft, Mukherjee played a significant part in developing and designing these products, and soon most of the companies’ work became centered on these names.

Moreover, Mukherjee was also the one to introduce AI technology at Microsoft. He was behind the AI-based features like AutoCorrect, AutoFormat and Office Assistant for Microsoft Office, and IntelliSense for Visual Studio that are so commonly used today.

Helping Businesses Maximize Efficiency:

Filling paperwork was one of the most tedious things about offices, and it could not be avoided because it was just as necessary for keeping records and maintaining databases. Moreover, it was extremely costly as organizations had to invest substantial money and time in it. Thanks to Mukherjee’s technological innovation, organizations were able to get some relief from it in the form of his invention called the “Intelligent Filing Manager” (INTELLIFM).

With the help of this invention, business processes were able to transition from paper-based to automated systems, through which they became greatly efficient and collaborations between businesses were also improved to a considerable degree.

Transforming Payments through Modern FinTech

After serving Microsoft, Mukherjee decided to help the finance industry flourish through innovative technology. He Citadel, Bloomberg and UBS as a senior leader and guided them strategically towards remarkable progress. The “Bloomberg Valuation Service” (BVAL) which was launched in 2008 was one of Mukherjee’s most noteworthy contributions.

Mukherjee then decided to employ his genius to transform retail and space management by directing the development of an application that allows individuals and organizations to reserve premium parking spaces. Moreover, he also transformed the way payments are made by creating AutoPay in 2012.

One of the most popular fintech innovations backed by Mukherjee is Apple Pay, which aims to make shopping experiences all the more convenient for consumers.

Krishna C. Mukherjee movements from one technology innovation to another have not gone unnoticed or unrecognized. From academic awards, professional honors, and lifetime achievement awards, he has received them all. Only recently he was became the recipient of the “Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement” award by the famous publishing company Marquis Who’s Who.

Times continue to change so rapidly that technologies become obsolete soon after they are introduced. However, Mukherjee’s inventions remain relevant even today. Here’s hoping that his legacy in technology and innovation continues to grow, and his name always stands out as one of the most important innovators in technology.

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