LogicalDOC specializes in managing medical documents intuitively offering extensive facilitation to professionals from the health care sector, ultimately serving for the betterment of the organizations as well as the world.

CARPI, ITALY, March 03, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — LogicalDOC recently released a feature with its latest software update that would allow a preview of medical files present in the DICOM format. Due to the absence of the preview feature, it was a tedious task to differentiate between similar files. From LogicalDOC 8.3 onwards, the preview of all medical files existing in the DICOM format will be available.

From the new update onwards, Users can pre-visualize the documents in the DICOM format by activating the preview either from the side menu or by clicking the link preview from the contextual menu. The LogicalDOC Document Management System acknowledges documents in the DICOM format with the. dcm file extension. In addition to the preview feature, many more functions have been added within the DICOM preview mode to assist the user. Functions like brightness adjustment, contrast, color filters, zooming, measurement of distances, angles and, areas have been included within the module for better working with the documents. If this was not all, other impressive functions such as sequence animation, freehand drawing, guided drawing, and threshold filters have also been added along with the new feature.

DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine. DICOM is an international standard that outlines a set of assent of files because of which the interchange of equipment between different manufacturers is possible in the biomedical field. DICOM is responsible for stating the guidelines for the visualization, communication, printing and archiving of information in the biomedical sector.

Since the emergence of DICOM as a digital archiving method, it is almost impossible to imagine, especially the radiological sector, without DICOM. This is because the images of radiological data or better known as radiographs are commonly called as DICOM images. The superior adaptability of the DICOM standard allows the archiving of images even in a compressed format using JPEG, JPEG Lossy, Jpeg Lossless, etc. which allows global management with reproduction and printing media.

The LogicalDOC DMS
The LogicalDOC Document Management System sets itself apart from others based on their three salient pillars:
• Cross Platform- The LogicalDOC DMS has been designed to work across multiple platforms whether it be Windows, Linux or MacOS
• Anywhere Anytime- With LogicalDOC Cloud, you’re free to work wherever you want; all your digital documents are always accessible in a secure and reliable environment.
• Time Saving- Organized documents and better collaboration skills is a boon that saves time and results in increased productivity.

LogicalDOC is a global software company founded in 2006 with a goal to attend to Enterprise Document Management needs expanding across a broad range of areas and upward markets globally. LogicalDOC assists companies to collaborate on, search, and manage all the documents on which they and their business depends on a daily basis. With technology, LogicalDOC assure their clients with exceptional savings every year. The LogicalDOC development model relies on the laws of modern software engineering: community strengths, commitment to quality standards, business-friendly practices, and high performance.

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