New wave of innvations

BARCELONA, SPAIN, April 26, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Annual congress dedicated to mobile technology and innovations this year has reached a new level in terms of performance in Barcelona. As usual, the fans and mobile geeks were expecting unique and authentic features of their beloved gadgets and see what the brand prepared for them. As we can conclude now, it was worth to wait.

Highly anticipated flagman from Samsung has revealed their new S9 and S9+ models. The highlights of their new product were the improved and distinctive AMOLED display and a dual camera on the “plus” model. Furthermore, the second camera has received a variable aperture, allowing each user to manually or automatically select the amount of light passing through a diaphragm. As a result, the images taken at night are seen way better, with lesser noise around them.

In comparison to their rivals, Samsung brand has really proven their words of the campaign they were building around their new phone: “Camera Reimagined”. The new Snapdragon 845 processor is also a hot topic since it is built with the use of a new technology, allowing to perform more than 25% better than their previous benchmark model.

Apart from the exceptionally good price for the Samsung family that doesn’t overtop 1000 USD, there were other brands that have managed to take over the stage. Nokia has decided to bring their iconic “Banana phone” back. Certainly, this model will not boost its high performance, but with a model that costs less than 100 USD, it is fairly a nice and distinctive choice to go with.

We shall also note that there were other brands that have shown their latest works such as Vivo, Lenovo with their new model 5003 Chromebook and so on. However, what has caught the biggest attention was the integration of AR Emoji, designed by Samsung. It’s a competitive system that is comparable to IPhone’s Animoji that we have seen in the presentation of their flagship iPhone x. With the work of face scanning and recognition, Samsung has managed to scan your face with the camera and reproduce an image that looks just like you and copy your mimics and gestures. Here is what we have learned from Heung Sup Han, a business evangelist, and a big AR enthusiast, regarding this innovation: “AR, since their first appearance in public, has always fascinated me (Augmented Reality). This innovation can not only reimagine how we work, but it can furthermore open new doors to the new business opportunities.”. He later on discussed on the future of mobile phone manufacturers and gave his small insights on his future plans in business: “I think the phone market will be changing even more rapidly than it is now. Our lives are getting in a faster rhythm day-by-day, and big mobile sharks have to adapt to the necessities of the consumers, I am sure they will and next year, we will see something even greater than we have seen today,” added Mr. Han to his previous comments. “My vision stands for Augmented Reality and its further implementation in the business world, I know that this will boost highly the interest in a business, as long as you find your ways to the implementation of this technology. My team and I are looking at this options right now and so far, we really like it,” commented Heung Sup Han on the future of his business.

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