WAN Optimization Available as Optional Add-on in Q2, 2020

VANCOUVER, BC, April 03, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Multapplied Networks Inc., a global software developer of white-label SD-WAN software and Replify Ltd, a world-leading OEM supplier of WAN Optimization software for the SD-WAN market, today announced a partnership to deliver WAN Optimization to Multapplied’s global network of SD-WAN Channel Partners.

Through its Channel Partners, Multapplied SD-WAN delivers the advantages of increased bandwidth, higher reliability and reduced cost networks to over 4,000 end-customers globally. Replify WAN Optimization is now available as an add-on to all Multapplied SD-WAN Channel Partners to further reduce bandwidth consumption, increase the Return on Investment from existing circuits and improve the end-user experience of Cloud-based applications.

“Adding WAN Optimization on an as-needed, per-customer basis to our SD-WAN provides our Channel Partners with an additional revenue stream by enabling higher efficiency transmission for its end-customers,” said Geoff Hultin, President. “This can help end-customers get more from their existing WAN connections, avoid the costs of network bandwidth upgrades, and further increase the value proposition that our Channel Partners already deliver through SD-WAN.”

Multapplied Channel Partners can order WAN Optimization on a per-customer basis to improve performance of SD-WAN through data de-duplication and optimization.

Implemented alongside Multapplied SD-WAN, Replify WAN Optimization increases the performance of wired, wireless and LTE connections, by removing duplicate data from the transmission. This reduces the amount of data sent over networks to improve the end-user experience of Cloud applications, file transfer and data backup while also increasing data security.

Replify CEO Rozy Corry said; “We are delighted to announce this new partnership with Multapplied, a global SD-WAN software platform provider. Replify’s WAN Optimization software will help Multapplied to accelerate both data throughput and improve application performance for their customers.”

Terminus Positronics LLC, Replify’s North American Channel Partner based in Lexington, Kentucky, has worked with Multapplied to provide licensing that complements Multapplied’s SaaS billing model and make it easy for Multapplied Channel Partners to deploy Replify WAN Optimization cost-effectively. Terminus Positronics will provide Multapplied’s Channel Partners with consulting services to assist with the design, deployment and training for Replify.

Multapplied has an install base across 5 continents and the Replify software will allow their global customers to improve data flows over the Internet and other digital networks.

This partnership strengthens both company’s positions in the global SD-WAN marketplace, forecasted by research consultancy Gartner to be worth US$1.2bn by 2021. Replify already licenses to other SD-WAN providers and networking companies.

About Multapplied

Multapplied Networks Inc. is a Vancouver-based company founded in 2012 to help Service Providers deliver high performance networks and managed services to their customers. Channel Partners across five continents license and run our SD-WAN software in their own infrastructure. Our goal is to enable Channel Partners with white-label software and a business model that enables Partners to build profitable, sustainable revenue streams. Increasingly competitive markets require innovative solutions and we are the SD-WAN vendor to provide them.

About Replify Ltd.

Replify Ltd is a world leading OEM supplier of WAN Optimization software for the SD-WAN market based in Belfast, UK. Replify was founded in 2007 and was one of the first WAN Optimization companies to market with a software only virtual appliance solution in 2009.

Replify also provides acceleration for a wide range of mobile devices including Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux. Replify’s core business is providing its WAN Optimization technology to other vendors under OEM license and integrating it deeply into SD-WAN platforms.

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