, Inc. has just launched the newest version of its flagship PDF suite Able2Extract Professional with advanced electronic and digital signatures, AI-powered PDF to Excel conversions, and more enhancements.

TORONTO, ON, December 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — is proud to announce the release of Able2Extract Professional 14 PDF converter, creator and editor. With every version, we’ve gradually added more PDF features to create one tool for all PDF tasks – and with this version we have achieved that goal.

This time around we have taken a major step to focus and build upon the ways in which users secure and extract PDF data. With all new advance document security technology, Able2Extract Professional 14 now allows users to sign PDF documents and even validate the status of a PDF’s existing digital certificate and signature.

Another new improvement includes a boost to the PDF to Excel feature set with artificial intelligence technology. By adding an AI engine to the software, we aim to automate the way in which users select and custom convert PDF tables into Excel spreadsheets.

Developing upon the PDF forms technology from the previous version, we have also given users the power to manipulate the placement of form fields in PDF forms for more professional and efficient data collection.

Here’s a detailed look at how these latest additions bring extra added value to PDF users:

Sign PDFs with Electronic and Digital Signatures
The advanced sign PDF feature allows you to insert electronic or digital (cryptographic) signatures. Able2Extract has all the options you need for working with either – draw, type or import electronic signatures, or select valid certificates for document signing purposes stored on a USB-token. Take quick advantage of one extra added layer of security against your PDF content from being altered.

Validate and Authenticate the Source of a PDF File
The second functionality of the new digital signatures feature is the ability to instantly validate and verify digital (cryptographic) signatures attached to a PDF. Able2Extract will help you identify the signature’s status, if any, at a single glance and view the information of the digital signature itself. Ascertain that you are, indeed, working with a document that has not been altered.

Train Smart Templates for Faster PDF to Excel Conversions with Able2Extract
Able2Extract Professional 14 comes with artificial intelligence technology. The new AI-powered engine allows you to train Custom Excel templates with samples of a table structure. With a trained template, Able2Extract will be able to accurately identify and select those same table structures in other PDF files on its own. Empower your PDF to Excel conversions with automated table selections.

Speed up Multiple PDF to Excel Conversions with Master Templates
The new AI technology also applies to batch PDF to Excel conversion process. Once you train a Master Template in the same way as a Smart Template, you can select and apply that template to PDFs that are queued up for conversion in the batch interface. Simplify your PDF workload by letting Able2Extract do the tedious task of selecting your tables for you.

Create Better, more Professional-looking PDF Forms
PDF form field placement has been improved in this version. You can create more effective PDF forms by accurately aligning, centering, and distributing the form fields to get them where you need them. Collect data more effectively with a well laid out PDF form.

Work more Efficiently with Software Enhancements
In addition to the new features above, technical tweaks have been made throughout the software. We’ve polished up the annotations feature, enhanced the interface, improved the overall viewing experience and interaction with PDF text. You get the best working quality in each feature – no matter how small it may seem.

Try it Free
Able2Extract Professional 14 is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and is backwards compatible with other Windows platforms.

Mac users can get Able2Extract Professional 14 for the latest macOS 10.14 (Mojave). For Linux, users can download it on the popular Ubuntu and Red Hat distributions.

Able2Extract Professional 14 is available for download as a 7-day free trial at the following page:

Users can purchase a full version license for Able2Extract Professional at $149.95 USD. A 30-day subscription license is also available for $34.95. Inc. is a leader in developing desktop, server and developer software for reading, converting, creating, editing, and signing PDF documents. As a PDF solutions company with offices in Canada and Europe and hundreds of thousands of licensed users, develops affordable, safe, fast and the most reliable of PDF software tools on the market today. Able2Extract Professional 14 is just one of them.

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