Beginning with Canada and Southeast Asia, full-scale release in global markets is planned

SEOUL, KOREA, January 25, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — TriPriend is a company participating in G-START E advancing into global’ at Bucheon cluster operation center, run by Geyonggi-do Content Agency and is running a foreign friend matching platform application and planning to enter overseas markets.

Offline foreign friends matching platform, TriPriend is a compound word of Trip+Friend, which is a start-up company that was established on Nov. 8th, 2016. Under the slogan ‘Let’s play with locals’, it helps locals and foreign visitors to meet offline. Via Android app currently, mobile o2o platform service is being provided. Through this TriPriend mobile app, users search for foreign friends who have a common interest with them, match, and then meet them directly offline.

TriPriend delivers three values. The first is to introduce a trusted partner so that the customers can identify the partner and confirm the match through the information exchanged with each other. The second is diversity. With a function of common interest of large-medium-small, customers can enjoy various activities. The last is service stability. Through GPS-based deposit policy, which is a system that customers can get functional guarantee until they actually meet their matched partners offline.

TriPriend is dreaming of system upgrade and global markets entry, not satisfied with the current status. The official said, “We have a plan to launch iOS and web version and to extend the service afterwards,” and “we also have a plan to actively enter global markets by enhancing the system.” He also said, “After participating in Hong Kong exhibition, we are planning to actively enter global markets, starting with Canada, and Southeast Asia,” and “after localizing, we will actively launch it and proceed advertisement marketing.”

Meanwhile, TriPriend is aiming to make a world where all people around the world become friend and blend freely. It is expected to perform a remarkable exploit as a global networking platform, which even the people experiencing inconvenience physically or socially can make as many as friends. In the future, this application is paid attention since it has a high possibility to be extended to a group meeting platform and a comprehensive concierge platform, rather than just playing a bridge role to connect an individual to another.

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