Isolated Data Tier Service Launches Today with an Exclusive Approach to Storage

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, February 12, 2020 — Perpetual Storage, Inc. (PSI) continues to pave the way for data protection companies. Today, PSI introduced Granite Cloud: Isolated Data Tier (IDT) to address significant security vulnerabilities for customers requiring full protection of corporate data. Now any organization can easily protect critical, active business data with IDT, an air gapped solution powered by Veaam Cloud Connect, regardless of its original source location: internal systems, public cloud, or hybrid cloud.

This solution was developed by PSI to address the complex cybersecurity and regulation concerns that every organization faces. Pat Lynch, PSI co-owner said “Every day, we speak with I.T. professionals at major tech companies who simply do not trust the cloud. What they want is a completely isolated, physically separated data set that cannot be touched in any way by ransomware, hackers, or rogue I.T. staff. There was no other option available in the marketplace, so we built it ourselves. This finally fills the hole in existing cloud backup solutions.”

IDT brings its distinctive approach to the table in the fight against internal and external threats and in support of regulatory compliance and information management best practices. While software-based mechanisms cannot eliminate these risks, IDT solves this problem with a physical air gap.

This Veeam-powered solution uses encrypted network-based transport to quickly send constantly changing business data to the PSI offsite/offline storage repository, retaining those copies based on the client’s data policies. Because data is physically air gapped, data is protected from malicious cyber-attacks, rogue administrators and insider threats through misuse of privileged credentials.

What Makes IDT Unique from Other Solutions:

• Fully managed service requiring no time investment from client staff, removing ongoing administrative burdens and infrastructure ownership costs.

• IDT has a powerful rapid restore option including escalated restore services to deliver large data sets on physical storage devices directly to clients.

• Data is kept in a uniquely protected physical location: underground, within a geologically stable rock formation, protected from both natural and man-made disasters.

• This cost reducing archive solution is capable of keeping data on inexpensive media for years or decades until needed for retrieval, no longer consuming primary storage resources.

• A simple pricing structure without hidden costs. There are no additional fees for data access and no price spikes for retrieving data unlike other cloud providers.

About Perpetual Storage, Inc. (PSI)

Perpetual Storage, Inc. (PSI) is a privately owned and operated maximum security digital records, microfilm, data transport and storage vault facility located in a rare solid granite mountain near Salt Lake City, Utah. Since 1968, PSI has provided secure vital record storage in a paper-free environment, making it one of the world’s most established, cutting-edge and safest off-site storage facilities.

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