Industry leader AccelOne developed client CertFocus’ automated insurance certificate management and validation platform, which increased the company’s operating efficiency substantially and reduces future project development costs by 40%.

KIRKLAND, WA, August 26, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — AccelOne, an international custom software development company, is announcing the launch of the new PreQual platform developed by them for Missouri-based insurance certificate management and validation company CertFocus. The PreQual insurance automation and prequalification platform streamlines service offerings to CertFocus’ clients, removes the risk of human error, and creates a foundation upon which further services offerings can be built.

PreQual offers their clients (mainly chief financial officers, chief risk officers, risk managers, directors of insurance, and purchasing managers of various industries) the ability to access, automate, and manage the certificates of insurance, prequalification data, and scorecards of vendors and subcontractors easily and in a single portal in order to better manage risk and supply chain exposure. This ensures compliance with established internal, state, and federal insurance standards, as well as helping organizations better identify performance, financial, and insurance risk.

Prior to development, front-end, back-end, database, and hosting technology was carefully selected to build this 100% parametrized solution that not only meets the specific requirements of CertFocus’ individual clients, but also localizes the complexities of differing rules, laws, and procedures from each independent state’s insurance coverage and documentation requirements. The resulting platform combines a highly-flexible prequalification calculations engine with a simplified, intuitive, and collaborative user experience that allows the client to complete complex (and custom) operations easily. These processes include:

– Receipt confirmation
– Self-service customized reporting and dashboards
– Automatically cross-referencing documentation against requirements
– Constant access to historical information, compliance data, and documents
– Reporting on unlimited coverage lines, endorsements, and bonds throughout the prequalifications process

The PreQual platform has increased overall efficiency for CertFocus and their clients by automating processes which previously had to be done manually, and decreasing the number of accidental human errors. It will serve as the foundation for any future CertFocus systems–reducing the estimated cost of additional project design and development by 40%.

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About AccelOne
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About CertFocus
Founded in 1999 with the goal of delivering the most reliable certificate of insurance tracking and management system in the industry, CertFocus is now the leading SAAS-based Certificate of Insurance and related document management company for organizations across the public and private sectors. To learn more, visit

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