With teams in Lebanon, United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, Eurisko Mobility successfully implements Work From Home strategy in order to keep delivering enterprise mobile, web, IoT products to local and international clients

BEIRUT, LEBANON, April 14, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Eurisko Mobility, leading firm in Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) / Smart City technology and Enterprise Mobile & Web development in Lebanon and the Middle East, implements Work from Home strategy to ensure optimal client-servicing, efficiency, and software quality.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the protective measures adopted to curb its spread, Eurisko has successfully elaborated a DevOps-powered Work from Home strategy to safeguard mobility, and thus efficiency and productivity, despite movement and activity restrictions affecting the majority of businesses across all sectors.

To maintain the smooth flow and quality of its operation, Eurisko built its innovative Work from Home strategy on eight major pillars: Corporate Agile Culture, Agile Project Management Tools, DevOps Process, Cloud-Based Code Repositories & Version Control, Collaboration & Communications Tools, Automatic Time Trackers, Automated Code Analysis & Testing, and Sandbox Environments.

Such a strategy would not have been possible without an existing agile corporate culture. “For several years, we have steered away from the traditional monolithic waterfall-based software development approach,” says Edgard Tawk, CEO at Eurisko Mobility. “By maximizing automation and adopting SCRUM methodology, we were able to implement an agile corporate culture driven by self-organizing and cross-functional teams.” Within its agile approach, Eurisko utilizes JIRA software to efficiently and seamlessly manage SCRUM projects, while frequent SCRUM artifact analysis allows teams to identify overheads, minimize risk, and maximize productivity.

With a DevSecOps process and strategy that focus on agility, collaboration, and automation, IT and Development teams are able to cooperate and smoothly operate their processes, as Eurisko has “successfully closed the loop between users, developers, and IT operations” adds Edgard Tawk. This was achieved through automation pipelines, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing processes, backed by proprietary Quality Assurance methodologies.

The Eurisko team members which are currently distributed between Lebanon, US, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & UAE, are as autonomous as they are collaborative, and can aptly work from home with increased efficiency. To further harmonize remote collaboration among and between teams, a suite of secure cloud-based collaboration, tele-conferencing, and instant messaging software was deployed to provide them with unfettered channels of communication. Eurisko also implemented non-intrusive IDE-based time and productivity trackers that allow teams to complete projects with optimal speed and quality. With this well-defined structure for remote work, paired with the best tools provided to ensure team productivity, not only has the team’s high efficiency remained uncompromised, it has also improved. In addition to speed, the quality of the team’s output is also ensured through static and dynamic code analysis tools.

In these times of social distancing and confinement, Eurisko Mobility’s DevOps-powered Work from Home Strategy is a prime example of business solutions overcoming operational obstacles to enhance product quality and customer satisfaction, without compromising the team’s safety. Eurisko will further evaluate this strategy, in hopes of adopting a lasting hybrid work from home/office model.

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