The ST-1803 Sports Hearable uses the World’s Smallest Heart Rate Sensing Earbud Technology from WBD101

HONG KONG October 12, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Skytech Creations launches the world’s first white label heart rate sensing hearable with QCC3003 Bluetooth 5 Chipset. The ST-1803 has better connection distance, speed and bandwidth when compared to Bluetooth 4.2, and Bluetooth 5 is supported in the latest phones starting from iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8. The platform solution is designed to make the hearable market easily accessible to brand owners seeking quick to market solutions.

According to Market Research Report, the first five-year cumulative revenue (2017-2021) of Hearable globally is projected to be over US$ 85 Bn, with a CAGR of 9.3% during the forecast period. The Hearable market which includes over-the-ear headphones, in-ear earphones, over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids and medical grade hearing aids. This market is actively pursuing innovation to improve listening capability, human physiological sensing, artificial intelligence and/or connection to the web for remote data processing.

The ST-1803 sports hearable is compatible with most heart rate enabled fitness apps. An user can easily stream their biometric readings directly to their phones for data analysis and receive real-time updates through the headphones. The ST-1803 has a battery capacity of 160mAh and, coupled with the low power QCC3003 chipset, the hearable can last up to 8 hours active with audio and heart rate sensing.

“Skytech is an experienced Hong Kong OEM with China based factory. Over the years, we have been providing consumer electronics products to some of the world’s biggest brands by controlling quality and reliability systems in our factory,” says Jimmy Chung, Managing Director of Skytech Creations. “We are also investing heavily into the healthcare segment by partnering with well-known companies in the healthcare space like WBD101 in order to provide highly accurate hearable for the consumer market”.

“WBD101 provides probably the world’s smallest and highly accurate heart rate sensing SmartBody™ Processors for the hearable and wearable markets. According to recent market forecast, the hearable market is bigger than the wearable market. In addition, there are features hearables can have that is superior to wearable including certain human physiological signals and the ability to provide verbal advice to the users,” says Kow Ping, CEO of WBD101.

About Skytech Creations
Established in 2003, Skytech Creations Limited is an ISO and MFI approved manufacturer and Solution Company devoted to bringing you the best Consumer Electronic products and accessories possible.

Our factory is located in Dongguang, China with around 250 workers. We have a diverse range of products including Hearables, Bluetooth Dongle, Automotive Steering Wheel Control Interface, Cassette Adapter, Bluetooth Cassette Adapter, FM Transmitter, Smart Fitness Tracker, targeting from consumer markets to healthcare markets.

We utilize the professional mechanical, electronic and production engineers, R&D staff and quality controllers to ensure all levels of production are performed at peak levels and at optimum efficiency. Our culture and methodology are the special ingredients that fuel our approach to innovation and design, combining human and technical factors to bring fun ideas to realization, and as a result, enriching the experience. Our principle is to strive meticulously and conform perfectly to the ISO9001 Quality Standard and as a result, offer world-class service at the most competitive price.

Skytech Creations will be at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn) booth 1CON-061 (Just outside Hall 1B) from Oct 13th to 16th, 2018.

Contact: [email protected]

About WBD101
Founded in 2012, Well Being Digital Limited (WBD101) is a Hong Kong based company whose first patents are dated back to 2008, incubated by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) it has offices in HKSTP and Shenzhen so as to provide very timely support to B2B customers during their designs, tests and production stages. WBD101 focuses on very sophisticated SmartBody™ Sensing Technology. Over the years, WBD101 won numerous international awards including the Best Wearable Mobile Tech Awards at the Mobile World Congress 2016, Special & Gold Awards at the 43rd Geneva Inventions Conventions and 2016 WITSA Global ICT Award.

WBD101 will also be at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn) booth 1CON-030 (Just outside Hall 1B) from Oct 13th to 16th, 2018.

Contact: [email protected]

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