OXKERS unveils the Light Series power banks to the world, the most powerful of their size

SHENZHEN, CHINA, August 02, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — And it happened again. Shenzhen, the hub for all technology startups, has seen the development and launch of OXKERS. This ambitious power bank business is ready to conquer the world of portable batteries. They presented the Light Series, a collection of powerful and compact power banks available to the world very soon.

“Power up the life of your travel & home electronic devices to be connected anytime, anywhere you go.” With this bold statement, the Light Series seeks to connect with the fast-paced lifestyles of its users. “We are aware of the challenges, but we are excited to see the outcome of our hard work,” said the Manager of Product at OXKERS.

The Light Series is an aspiring collection of ultra-high capacity travel-size power banks, which will only be the beginning of more innovative models to come in the near future. Users will have 2 models to choose from, the 10,000mAh and the 20,000mAh and a colorful range of choices to match the power bank with their personality.

It is a pleasant surprise to the users that the whopping 10,000mAh or 20,000mAh capacity power banks could be this small and lightweight. Side by side to the average 12 US fl oz coke can (355ml), the Light Series is smaller. In regards to the weight, OXKERS reduced it cutting it down nearly 10% compared to similar power banks.

Another highlight is that OXKERS is using the 21700 battery – the same used by Tesla, making them pioneers, as there is no other brand using this type of battery for power banks. The advantages of the 21700 batteries are a longer battery life and a higher conversion efficiency – +5% than 18650 batteries.

With the high-end, small and practical Light Series, OXKERS offers a whole new different kind of user experience. It designs power banks to juice up people’s phones as fast as possible with the quick charging technology so that they can be connected with the world no matter where they go.

OXKERS is a global company that develops innovative power banks defined by an impressive power capacity and small size. With the headquarters based in Shenzhen, the city of technology innovation, OXKERS operates in The USA and Japan.

“We are building today the power batteries of tomorrow” – OXKERS.
For more information, visit: www.oxkers.com

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