Tour operator Heartland JAPAN is providing alternative travel destinations to meet the demands of Japan’s unprecedented travel boom – The company focuses on adventure travel with the aim of reinvigorating local economies

TOKYO, JAPAN, October 17, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tokyo based startup tour operator Heartland JAPAN is leading the way in creating sustainable travel destinations off the so-called Golden Route (Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima etc.) which is currently overburdened by the year on year increase in inbound travellers (an increase of 450% over the past five years), set to reach 40M in 2020.

In spite of the staggering rise in foreign tourists, relatively little has been done so far to make travellers aware of alternative destinations, with a continued fixation on commercialised travel spots. It is here that Heartland JAPAN positions itself in providing the information and means for inbound visitors to journey off the beaten track.

Heartland JAPAN believes it is important to promote alternative destinations so that travellers become aware of the vast and varied natural, historical and cultural alternatives that are waiting to be discovered across Japan. By opening up these regions, Heartland JAPAN hopes to reignite local economies, reversing the effects of depopulation and urbanisation, and ultimately revitalising these communities.

Heartland JAPAN aims to create life-changing journeys, to provide physical and spiritual fulfilment through outdoor activities, hands-on experiences and cultural exchanges with locals. The company’s current fully guided adventure tours cover five destinations across Japan, all of which are reachable from the various 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics game sites, providing the perfect opportunity for visitors to these events.

Heartland JAPAN regularly holds familiarisation trips and always welcome the media in their pursuit to increase knowledge about and interest in the real Japan.

About Heartland JAPAN’s CEO – Keijiro Sawano
Originally from a small coastal town in Yamaguchi Prefecture in western Japan, Keijiro started Heartland JAPAN with the ambition of revitalising Japan’s rural communities and rebranding them into sustainable tourist destinations such has been done with Cinque Terre in Italy.

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