, an AI robot-like online travel inspiration platform, launched its new feature today aimed at undecided, last-minute travelers.

CAMORINO, SWITZERLAND, July 21, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to a study by Expedia Media Solutions – potential travelers, on average, browse through 38 websites before booking their stay. This new feature by aims to reduce the number of websites people browse (for inspiration) before booking. Thus, increasing convenience for the traveler, and decreasing the stress of finding a vacation spot at the last minute.

Even in the middle of summer, there are plenty of opportunities to travel, but the problem for many people right now is to choose where and when they want to travel. With its new functionality – Vivere allows these potential travelers to find the perfect destination for them based on their preferences and time constraints.

Matteo De Santis, CEO of, explains: “ is a predominantly a visual experience. Using our online platform, customers enter information about their interests, planned dates of travel and budgets, and we present stunning photos, videos and travel guides from destinations that match their unique preferences. Our aim is to help customers find and book the destinations and hotels that attract them most. After all, a picture paints a thousand words.”

How does it work?

Once the user lands on the website, they are prompted to enter a few of their preferences, departure airport and flight duration.

The AI algorithm works in the background to suggest an exclusive travel guide tailored to the specific interests and preferences entered by the user. It will then rank destinations based on which are more adequate for that specific user and the preferences they input before. It also introduces the user to new destinations which were probably not yet on their radar – which are also based on the interests of the user.

Through comprehensive travel information, travel guides and imagery, Vivere familiarizes the user with the location and compels them to take a decision faster. Also, with higher involvement of the users and the use of the AI algorithm, the platform develops and learns continuously and recognizes the needs and wants of travelers in order to improve the personalized quality of the content.

He concludes: “Supported by IBM Watson technology, we are confident that we will be able to deliver exquisitely curated content that appeals to every kind of traveler, and change the way that people plan and book vacations for the better.”


Born in September 2016, Vivere is a revolutionary online visual experience that accompanies travellers through every step of their travel journey, helping them to search, discover and book the destination that most fully matches their interests and desires. Thousands of unique and proprietary photographs and expert curated content makes Vivere the only travel platform which helps users to visualise and embrace the destinations before embarking on their trips. Vivere aims not only to promote destinations, but also to feature hotels and properties, helping to brand and market them for easier discovery and selection.

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