Aspirit set to change the face of eco capitalism and reduce plastic bottles globally

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, June 15, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Aspirit will eliminate a estimated 560,000,000 (560 Million) PET plastic bottles from the earth’s water production and supply chains within 12 months of supply plant acquisition. ASPIRIT is currently in negotiation for a south pacific test plant to take its eco-capitalist model to the world. Aspirit is a world first in utilizing blockchain technology to create a provable and accountable eco capitalist model that is completely PET plastic bottle free.

CEO OF ASPIRIT Mr. Jarrod Cordier said yesterday, “This is a very exciting time for the company and the planet, we are starting the journey of a global water supply without PET plastic bottles.”

Mr. Cordier has a wealth of knowledge on blockchain technology and has put together a top team of Directors and advisors at ASPIRIT, including water experts, academics in the fields of sustainability, International business and integrative management, as well as advisory support from MTI Consulting – a international management consultancy. Mr. Cordier believes the time is now for us to make a difference and prove eco capitalism does work and can put an end to plastic pollution.

SUSTAINABILITY ADVISOR ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR GABRIEL EWEJE, said yesterday speaking from Auckland, “To be profitable in the 21st century, a smart company must pay equal attention to its financial, environmental and social responsibilities. Integrating sustainability approaches to the entire business model is the only way to help and improve societal issues, reduce environmental degradation and remain competitive. In today’s world, that is the minimum standard required. There is no other way, embedding sustainability for the long term is the only way for business longevity.”

Aspirit is currently negotiating global water rights and enviro-retrofitting existing commercial bottled water plants to eliminate PET plastic from supply chains. Aspirit creates highly profitable and environmentally viable capital water venture.


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