Global companies are paying attention on Green Energy Expo, the world’s top 10, Asia top 3, and the largest renewable energy exhibition in Korea

DAEGU, KOREA, March 15, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — It has been a month since ‘3020 renewable energy implementation plan’ of the government was announced. Solar light field is the core in this policy with the long-term goal of the government to cover 20% of the electricity production by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power by the year of 2030. 63% of the plan is covered by solar power, which is expected to have a great riffle effect on the industry. Accordingly, solar power companies will be focused more in the 15th Green Energy Expo held on April 4th.

Global companies are paying attention on Green Energy Expo, the world’s top 10, Asia top 3, and the largest renewable energy exhibition in Korea, as a consequence of the new renewable energy policy of the government. The Green Energy Expo, which a great number of global solar energy equipment companies participated in, has been reorganized to focus on solar power system companies such as solar battery, solar battery panel, and inverter.

In the fierce competition of global solar module companies, half of the global top 10 solar battery, solar battery panel manufacturing companies in the year of 2017, has completed their application for the exhibition, and the half of the world top 10 solar light inverter companies will show their products, which proves the solar light market is growing.

At this event, among global top 10 companies, JinkoSolar(Module No. 1, Battery No. 5), Trina Solar(Module No. 2, Battery No. 3), JA solar(Module No.4, Battery No. 10), TW Solar(Battery No. 7), Shunfeng-Suntech(Module No. 9, Battery No. 10), TW Solar(Battery No. 7), more than the half has confirmed their participation and the rest companies are also discussing the scale.

According to a report in 2017 by IHS Markit(UK), a professional global market analysis facility, the No. 1 and No. 2 of the worldwide solar light inverter supply amount(MW) are Huawei and Sungrow of China, and No. 3 is SMA Solar Technology of Germany, No. 4 is TMIC of Japan, and No. 5 is ABB of Switzerland.

Among those companies mentioned above, Huawei(China), Sungrow(China), SMA(Germany) and ABB(Swizerland) has confirmed their participation, and Solaredge(Israel), KACO new energy(Germany) and GOODWE(China) have a plan to participate.

Domestic solar light market getting fierce day by day
Chinese global solar light companies such as Astronergy, AIKO Solar, HT-SAAE, AKOME, Haeron, Seraphim, Sinosolar, and Amerisola, are preparing for Korean market entry.

While domestic large companies such as Hanwha Q Cells, LG Electronics, and LSIS occupy half of the market, overseas major companies are expected to accelerate their entry to Korean market, which shows that Korean solar light market faces the second take-off stage, and the development of the situation is paid attention to afterwards.

As for Korean solar battery(module) companies, Hyundai HYMS(Hyundai Heavy Industries affiliation), Hyundai Green Energy, and Shinsung E&G will participate in, and as for Korean solar light system specialty companies, I-solar, Nemo Eng, Parang Eng, Hyundai Aluminum, CS tech, Ebisu, and KW Solar Tech will participate in. DASS tech, HEX Power System, EKOS, Hephzibah, and INCELL will prepare inverters and energy storage system(ESS) and participate in.

The 3020 renewable energy implementation plan and announced in last December is a blueprint for the government to foster active renewable energy industries and to secure sustainable energy sources. The government is preparing a strategy for the gradual promotion of large-scale project development to prepare for future energy conversion. Energy public organizations promoting and managing large-scale projects such as KEPCO, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.(KHNP), Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd., and Korea Gas Corporation will participate in as large-scale booths.

Various high-quality programs are held simultaneously since ever. Along with the ‘RE 3020 policy’, various events are held simultaneously for 3 days, for vitalization of solar light in rural areas, discovery of energy new industries based on core technologies of the 4th industry, and support of overseas market entry of enterprises of middle standing and small and mid-sized enterprises.

“The 15th Green Energy Expo will provide ideal business platform of renewable energy industry for future energy conversion along with the government renewable energy 3020 policy,” said Kim Sang-Wook, the president of EXCO, and “In Korean solar light market facing the second take-off stage, the participation of overseas global companies has been confirmed, and I’m looking forward to the participation of Korean solar light major companies such as Hanwha Q Cell and LG Electronics.” He also added a comment, “We will make efforts to create a matching program for supply expansion and new overseas market opening for Korean renewable energy for enterprises of middle standing and small and medium-sized enterprises.”

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