Our main goal is to create a complete “Earth-Mars Exploration and Settlement Industry.” This industry will create millions of jobs for all the people to last into the next 100 years.

MIAMI, FL, August 03, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — MARS 2026 Inc. (Mars2026.org) is pleased to announce that it has signed a 4-way Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with internationally established leaders in space exploration, R&D, academic and education companies: Infinos Technologies LLP, Lunar Mission One – Indian Chapter (E), and Space Renaissance International – India (E), for the cooperation and partnership in support of each other in non-profit space exploration, R&D, academic and educational activities.

Under the MOU, Mars 2026 will promote and support all activities of companies mentioned which are mutually beneficial and support everyone’s interests. If any or four of the parties want they could mention their partnership in their official websites or social media pages.

Mars2026.org President & Founder, Audie Norr, commented: “Signing our 4-way MOU will help us all to advance and promote Mars and Moon missions and education about space exploration in general. I look forward to the beginning of a tremendous and fulfilling mutual collaboration for years to come. Let’s take our next step into the stars together.”

For further information, please visit our web site http://www.mars2026.org/news.html.

About MARS 2026 – www.mars2026.org
Mars2026.org, a 501(c) (3) Non-profit Organization, is announcing an exclusive, one-of-a-kind program called “Go to Mars for $20 Only!” This program is designed for all citizens, because ‘We the People’, have the inalienable right to access the outer limits of space and Mars. The program was designed and developed to take everyone to Mars and bring them safely back to Earth. Our main goal is to create a complete “Earth-Mars Exploration and Settlement Industry.” This industry will create millions of jobs for all the people to last into the next 100 years.

About Infinos Technologies LLP – http://infinostech.com/
Infinos is a Hardware & Software integrated solution based startup from India. They are working on nanotechnology, biosensors and renewable energy applications with software integration. As a great supporter of aerospace, they’d like to work on new type of satellite versions with better accuracy and different electronics application. Infinos stands for innovation and they’d love to inspire kids and young people towards integrated innovation. Infinos has taken a global initiative of Techno-Art Workshop Series. It’s a great initiative in collaboration of international organizations (LUNAR MISSION ONE, MARS 2026, SPACE RENAISSANCE INTERNATIONAL and further more) to educate students and individuals. Infinos is open to collaborate with tech giants, startups and nonprofit organizations for the betterment of humanity with wonderful research and collaboration.

About Lunar Mission One-India (E) – https://lunarmissionone.com/
Lunar Mission One is the most inspirational Moon project since the Apollo landings. Funded by the public it will perform world-leading science into the origin of the Moon and the planets, and it will leave a permanent archive of human life buried at the Moon’s south pole. Also they have many educational & research activities for students and every individual. Lunar Mission One Indian Chapter is very active in growing research, educational activities and bring public to the mission for everyone under Indian Chapter Lead Sourav and his team members.

About Space Renaissance International-India (E) – http://spacerenaissance.space/
Space Renaissance is a new, global philosophy, having its basic ground on Earth and its natural development in extraterrestrial space. The founding concepts are New Humanism and Astro Humanism. They look to the past Renaissance (1500) as an inspiration for our heritage and capacity to aim high. They accomplish great projects by means of goodwill and mutual cooperation. Space Renaissance is part of the Renaissance, the current stage of the Renaissance, began in 1500. Also Space Renaissance International Indian Chapter has the motto of connecting space researcher and enthusiastic towards greater innovation. Also Indian chapter has taken the initiative of SRI-Academy research activities under the Indian Chapter Chair Mr. Karmakar.

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President & Founder
Mars 2026 Inc
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