First Quarter lunar and solar eclipses bearing down on POTUS

CHICAGO, IL, January 31, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Things will not be getting any easier for the embattled President of the United States in the weeks and months ahead, financial astrologer Grace K. Morris, MA, writes in her Astro Economic Stock Market Newsletter.

The stock market has been on a record-setting tear, which usually bodes well for the political fortunes of the party in power. The market and the economy should continue to be just fine, but Morris says lunar and solar eclipse patterns in the first quarter of 2018 don’t bode well for a President whose approval ratings continue to crater.

This story actually began last year, when the solar eclipse of August 15, 2017 conjoined (occurred in the same zodiacal degree) as planet Mars in President Trump’s natal horoscope. The ancients knew Mars as the God of War and the planet today is symbolically linked to conflict, war and anger.

“The eclipse path crossed the continental U.S., dividing it diagonally in half from the Northwest to the Southeast. Because the eclipse moved over the U.S. the leader of the country was affected,” Morris explained.

Last summer, in sync with the August eclipse, the President did appear to become even more bombastic and upped his dangerous name-calling game with North Korea’s leader (little Rocket Man). He attacked existing treaties with other nations, scuttled trade agreements, waged an aggressive war of words with enemies on Capitol Hill, and even sparred with players of the National Football League.

Morris says eclipses cannot be held responsible for a President’s erratic behavior, but they can be especially useful as a tool for timing explosive, game-altering events.

For most of his time in office the Russia obstruction of justice investigation has threatened the new Administration, and in August the solar eclipse at 28 degrees of Leo coincided with the exit of several Trump administration staffers. Included on this list was senior advisor Steve Bannon who had unflattering things to say about the President and some of his family members in a new book, Fire and Fiery by Michael Wolff.

“Because the August eclipse conjoined the President’s Mars the actions happening did not affect him directly. But this may be about to change,” Morris said.

The 2018 lunar eclipse on January 31 at 11 degrees of Aquarius will oppose planet Pluto in President Trump’s birth chart. Days later, the February 15 solar eclipse in Aquarius will oppose his Mars.

“The effects of these oppositions should be very personal,” Morris says. Planet Pluto is symbolically identified with explosive chaotic, transformative energies. And the ancients did not call Mars the God of War without reason.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth and into its shadow. This can only occur when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle.

On January 31, a full, so-called Blue Moon will pass through the Earth’s shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. A Blue Moon occurs when there are two full Moons in one calendar month. The January 31 lunation will be the first Blue Moon total eclipse visible in North America and Hawaii in 150 years.

Morris anticipates that the coming eclipses will reignite the solar and lunar eclipses of last August, repeating many of the themes in the headlines then.

“We might expect violence, military actions and insurrections somewhere in the world before, during and after this period. Events set in motion by eclipses can last several months into the future,” Morris explained.

She says the beginning of this eclipse series began in 1639 as the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) ended its war with Persia (Iran). The 1945 eclipse ended World War II and Churchill lost an election. In 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated and in 1981 President Reagan was shot on eclipses in this series.

Today Turkey and Iran, as they were in 1639, are currently in a very volatile situation. They could be part of the explosive effects of the eclipses.

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