The US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma advocate’s top goals for a US Navy Veteran with mesothelioma is they receive the best financial compensation settlement that could be more than half a million dollars and that they receive their VA disability check.

NEW YORK, NY, April 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to the US Navy Mesothelioma Advocate, “We do not want one US Navy Veteran with recently diagnosed mesothelioma or their family playing Internet mesothelioma lawyer roulette trying to figure out financial compensation for this rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. If a Navy Veteran with mesothelioma would call us anytime at 800-714-0303 we will provide on the spot access to some of the leading mesothelioma attorneys in the nation who will explain the financial compensation process to the Veteran and or their family. Additionally, these extremely qualified attorneys should be able to give the Veteran a ballpark estimate of what their financial compensation settlement could be. Hint-the compensation for a US Navy Veteran probably starts around five hundred thousand dollars.

“Additionally, we will help a US Navy Veteran with confirmed mesothelioma to get qualified for monthly disability payments.” http://USNavyMesothelioma.Com

The average age for a person with mesothelioma in the United States is about 70 years old. Typically, this rare asbestos exposure cancer takes three to five decades to develop. Most US Navy Veterans who will be diagnosed with mesothelioma this year were probably exposed to asbestos on a US Navy ship, a submarine or support ship in the 1960’s, or 1970’s. Many Navy Veterans who will be diagnosed with mesothelioma this year were exposed to asbestos on warships or supply ships engaged in combat or support roles during the War in Vietnam. A total of 1.842 million Sailors served in Southeast Asia during the War in Vietnam. The types of ships these navy sailors served on include:

* Destroyers

* Cruisers

* Battle Ships

* Aircraft Carriers

* Assault Ships

* Supply Ships

* Oilers

* River Patrol Boats

The US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Advocate says, “In addition to being exposed to asbestos in a navy ship’s engine room or as a boiler technician, mechanic, machinist, welder, electrician, plumber/steamfitter a US Navy Veteran assigned to stay on board their ship at a navy shipyard for repairs probably had extreme exposure to asbestos. Shipyard exposure to asbestos can make a financial compensation claim for a US Navy Veteran much more valuable. These financial compensation claims do not involve suing the US Navy.

“If we had one incredibly vital tip for a US Navy Veteran with mesothelioma or their family members it would be please call us at 800-714-0303 and we will see to it that you are talking directly with some of the nation’s premier mesothelioma lawyers as opposed to a local personal injury attorney. In addition to making certain you do not get shortchanged on financial compensation we will also do everything possible to make sure you are not overcharged by a law firm. The attorneys we suggest come to you, and they do not get paid unless there is a financial settlement. We can also try to help with medical treatment options as well as VA disability payments as mentioned, and our service are free.” http://USNavyMesothelioma.Com

For information about the US Navy’s role in the War in Vietnam please visit the following website:

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The states with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon.

However, based on the calls the Mesothelioma Victims Center receives a US Navy Veteran diagnosed with mesothelioma could live in any state including New York, Florida, California, Texas, Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, or Alaska. http://USNavyMesothelioma.Com

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