Portland, OR, February 09, 2018 –(PR.com)– Ron Zemp spent many months scouting land options before identifying an optimum parcel in Panama. Ron Zemp's Longevity Medical Group and his team of investors have worked hard over the last several years to cultivate relationships with buyers in the United States and Europe. The two main organic produce wholesalers in the United States (one on the West Coast, the other on the East Coast).

The weather risk in Panama is low as the country has no real natural disasters. It’s outside the hurricane belt. No tornadoes come through it. Some mild earthquakes can be felt in Panama, but they don’t bother the trees. Ron Zemp says, “It is a long term investment. I will earn nothing during the first four years, except for a projected partial crop in year four. In year five is when it will pay off. The avocado trees can live to 60 years, but to remain conservative, even if you based it on a 30-year lifespan the avocado business can be very profitable.

The retail price for organic avocados in the United States so far for 2016 has ranged between US$1.26 and US$1.44. Meantime, global demand for all organic produce is also growing rapidly. “I see this as a right-thing, right-time investment,” says Jennifer Zemp.

One potential risk with any agricultural undertaking is drought. While Panama gets plenty of rain most of the time, changing global weather patterns make it prudent to have an alternative source of water rather than relying on rainfall. Pest risk is another general agricultural concern. Country risk is another consideration when investing overseas.

Panama is a stable, prosperous, growing nation. It has no standing army, and the Panama Canal produces an inordinate amount of cash flow per inhabitant, allowing the government to invest continually in infrastructure and other improvements.
Currency risk is moot in Panama as this country uses the dollar. While that takes away an advantage that some investors may be looking for in the form of currency diversification, it also eliminates the risk of your returns being eroded by currency losses.

One other benefit to Panama is its approach to taxation. Panama offers many tax incentives, including one that allows agricultural businesses to operate tax-free until revenues break US$300,000 annually.

“In spite of many challenges, I am confident in the future of avocado trees in Panama,” says Ron Zemp. "The world market for avocados continues to expand as does the U.S. consumer’s taste for our nutrient dense fruit.”

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