The Mumbai native, Janvi Ghatalia turned an early fascination with fine arts into a career in the fashion industry. She recently designed a collection that stunned everyone that was watching. Her polished, jewel-toned pieces

Janvi Ghatalia

redefined the way people are presenting themselves. Her designs are drawing upon old-school elements like flooring skimming gowns and tea-length pant hems, speak for themselves without overwhelming the crowd. Her designs have a certain kind of unapologetic elaborate vibe to them.

Using the hues and textures of the fabrics she works with as an inspiration for her creative process, Ghatalia constructs her designs that are clean yet sumptuous, exhibiting a relaxed elegance that make them commanding and oft-surreal designs.

Ms. Ghatalia says the collection is made for ‘a sophisticated women with dark inclinations’ – perfect for fiercely feminine celebrities like Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Be sure to find a spot for her on your list of up-and-coming designers to watch.