150 years ago, we could not imagine that people thousands of miles apart could talk to each other in real-time until the advent of the telephone

50 years ago, we could not imagine that people all over the world could communicate with each other together until the advent of the Internet

30 years ago, we could not imagine that people could contact each other anytime and anywhere until the advent of the cell phone

10 years ago, we could not imagine that a cell phone could satisfy food, clothing, housing, and entertainment until the emergence of the 4G network and mobile payment.

Technology has changed our lives and enriched our imaginations.

In 2022, has anybody ever imagined the scene: people sit at home with a cell phone to manage simple online tasks and gain revenue without leaving home?

Today, Sun Media, founded in 2021, realizes this imagination. After an in-depth analysis of the Internet marketing market, Sun Media has cooperated extensively with bloggers on four well-known social platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram to launch a new global online work platform. Currently, there are a large number of bloggers and businesses on the Internet who need to get traffic every day to get massive exposure for their products and achieve publicity. On Sun Media APP, various tasks are posted every day and VIP members are invited to complete them, earning a huge commission for each completion. VIP members only need a cell phone and can earn extra income every day with the touch of a finger, conducting business all over the world without leaving home.

The user experience of Sun Media’s likes and the reputation system are under strict control. In the flood of the 5G information era, Sun Media’s likes business is committed to building a bridge between users and merchants, promoting business cooperation and strengthening the rights of users.

Sun Media’s likes business is a leader in the market. The company is currently present in dozens of countries around the world, with more than 10,000 customers and over 100,000 VIP members. The company’s business gives back most of the revenue to all users to achieve the business thinking of perpetual service. At the same time, with a high-quality user base, it steadily restricts the balance of interests in the industry and achieves the corporate responsibility that international companies should assume

Sun Media’s likes business has quickly become a leader in the industry by its high revenue return and stable and quick way to earn money, It has begun to gradually approach the global economic development order and cooperate with various governments. Recently, Sun Media signed a foreign economic and trade agreement with the Ministry of Trade & Industry of Singapore to provide comprehensive online marketing services and cross-border social e-commerce marketing solutions for Singaporean companies. The Ministry of Trade & Industry is Singapore’s commercial authority, whose main responsibility is to promote economic development from a macro perspective, create more jobs and guide the direction of the country’s economic development. The signing represents that Sun Media has been recognized by the Singapore government and has formally entered the framework of global trade and commerce, and its future development prospects will be unlimited.

The signing of this agreement also marks a new stage in Sun Media’s market development in the Asia-Pacific region. In our future corporate planning, we will further expand our business territory to cover more countries and industry sectors. We will continue to contribute more to international corporate responsibility with our corporate culture concept of providing money-making channels as the main focus and services as a supplement.