Nothing But You, Nicky is a name you might not have heard before, but the singer is working hard to change this rather sooner than later! Nicky, who grew up in Japan, but is now based in San Francisco, is preparing the release of her new album. It is supposed to come out next summer, but first, she graces us with the brand new single ‘LIPS’, which is now available everywhere for streaming and download, through her very own label Phoenix Records.

Nicky’s Single ‘LIPS’ features collaborations with many of the talented names from across the world, including awards winning Turkish singer/songwriter Emine SARI, platinum award winner London-based music engineer Joel Evenden, Turkish music producer Cihat Atlig, and recorded at Shota Osabe’s Studio, California …

Within its first week on SoundCloud, the single generated over 150,000 plays. The song received positive reviews from the music critics. The lyrics and Nicky’s vocal performance in the song were also praised. ‘LIPS’ became the Best BLUES Song at The Akademia Music Awards LA.

Ellen Weaver, the Music Editor at TMN Magazine says, “After the debut release of the album Meant To Be, Nicky now steps up her game with ‘Lips’. The lovely ballad puts Nicky’s style somewhere in between jazz and singer lounge. The laidback vibe of the song would have easily fit in one of Norah Jones’ millions selling albums and vocally, Nicky definitely has something unique to bring to the table.”

“I feel like I can really be myself,” Nicky said of her song. “I really have more of a connection of WHO I AM, and feel like I can express that more in my music now.”
Songwriter Emine SARI also commented on the project, “It was a pleasure to work with Nicky. Very relaxed & easy going vocals and a great personality too.”

Nicky is planning to record a new album at the Abbey Road Studios with Turkish and British producers.

Listen to “Lips” single:

About Emine SARI:
Multi-award winning singer/songwriter sings and writes her songs in 6 different languages and is the European cultural ambassador!

About Joel Evenden:
Multi-platinum winning engineer and producer with scores of legendary artists including Eric Clapton, Lara Fabian, Rod Stewart and B.B. King…