Have you ever wondered where quality grease can be gotten from? Have you ever considered a balance between quality, effectiveness and promptness in your need for grease. You are surely reading the right piece that will eliminate your unnecessary frustration.

About Grease Xpert

Grease Xpert is a custom and private label grease manufacturer, producing various types of grease that are used for automotive, industrial, agricultural and household applications.
Grease Expert has a capacity of supplying 7,200 metric tonnes of grease per annum. Over the years, the company has earned customers’ trust with our commitment to superior quality and efficient service – both locally and internationally.


Grease Xpert also provides custom blend grease and lubricant for reputable oil companies and other grease and lubricant importers / traders under their private label.
The company has delivered grease products to a wide variety of businesses and also in developing special programs and formulations for customers’ unique needs. The company’s immediate response to customers’ needs, which includes: trial run, manufacturing, packaging and technical support, is a success factor in the way we conduct our business.

Some of Our Quality Products


1. Lithium Grease– Grease XPERT (GX) Fully Synthetic Lithium Grease Super White is a specially formulated Plastic Gear, Electrical and Electronic Grease for lubricating difficult applications requiring extended lubrication intervals. It leaves a tenacious film of lubricant to give optimum lubrication and seal out contaminants. The uniform molecular structure of the synthetic base oil minimizes friction between moving parts and boosts lubrication performance over a wide temperature range.

2. Bentone Grease– GX Bentone High Temp Grease is a heavy duty multi-purpose HI-LO temperature grease. It is designed to meet the high requirements for maximum film strength, operating temperature, stability and lubrication life essential to the operation of today’s industrial and commercial equipment and machinery. It offers an increased advantage of wear resistance and medium to high load carrying capacity under high, constant and intermittent stress.

3. Silicon Grease-GX Silicone Grease is a non toxic and non melting Silicone grease / Vacuum grease specially formulated with inert silica fillers and selected proprietary additives package.
GX Silicone Grease has excellent extreme temperature resistance and dielectric properties. This silicone based materials reduce friction and provide long lasting lubrication.
It is compatible with most plastics and rubbers and will not crack or become brittle with age. It has excellent water resistant and physical properties which can be use for automotive, industrial and marine applications.

4. Calcium Grease– GX Calcium Heavy Duty EP Grease is a superior, heavy duty grease. It provides excellent lubricity, resists separation and thinning and has good shear and mechanically stability. It is exceptionally resistant to water wash out including emulsions.
A truly multi-purpose grease that outperforms many other heavy duty greases.

5. Spray Grease– Guardian of your house and factory – Lubricate your car power window, lock, bicycle, gate, window, drawer, hand brake, door hinges, bearing, pad lock and any moving parts.
Spray grease is able to give a long time protection of the metal on which it is spread. It can remain unchanged for a long period of time. It also provides excellent corrosion protection, super thermal stability, excellent water resistant and able to lubricate over a wide temperature range -20°f to 500°f.

Why Choose US?

Trouble shooting at steel plant

Trouble shooting at steel plant

Grease Xpert products are of high and premium quality. We produced a variety of grease from its raw form to the ready-to-use formulations, packaging them into various types of convenient to use packaging, right down to designing and the printing of attractive labels. Our customer response is second to none. We offer customer satisfaction in all our products.

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