Chico, CA, September 06, 2017 –(– Launched less than one year ago in November of 2016, RV Rental Connection brings a brand new business model to the Peer-to-Peer RV Rental Marketplace that is gaining in popularity with private RV owners, RV Rental Dealers and RV Renters.

RV Rental Connection is currently the only Peer-to-Peer RV Rental Marketplace website that is fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Over the years, the typical business model for online RV Rental Marketplace websites has been to take a commission or fees up to 25% of the private RV owner or dealer fleet rentals run through the website, but RV Rental Connection is changing the market by offering a no contract, no commission business model that is catching on quickly.

Here’s what RV Rental Owners are saying about RV Rental Connection:

Matt G. owner of 8 RV rentals in Campbell CA says:

“I hope you guys do well, I really like your model over the commission type model.”

An RV Owner in Grand Rapids, MI who uses many RV Rental websites for his 7 RV Rentals tells RV Rental Connection his experience with the “other” RV Rental Websites:

“I think their 25% or 15% cut of gross revenue is way too much. They also charge the RENTER and ME a 15% surcharge for all fees that come out the renter's deposit, such as mileage fees.”
– Dave M., Grand Rapids, MI

Bonnie Worthington, CEO and Founder of RV Rental Connection says, “We entered the RV rental marketplace with a low monthly subscription rate of $14.95 per month, which doesn’t gouge our RV Owners.

For example, if an RV owner makes $30,000 in RV Rental income from one unit and they are paying 25% commission plus extra fees to a website, they will have forked over at least $7,500 in fees to a website for the year. If the same owner was advertising on our website, it would cost them only $180 for the entire year. They get to make a whole lot more money by keeping more of their income.

We chose our business model because we believe in empowering others to run their own businesses and not be held hostage to a website just to get RV Rental leads. And we don’t charge renters a fee to rent an RV like some other sites do.

Our goal is to contribute to the well-being and long term success of others. When others are successful, then we will be successful. We don’t put our bottom line before our RV Owners' bottom line. If we don’t get them leads and help them make money, they are free to go with no cancellation fee.

The BBB likes us for our truth in advertising.”

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